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Colorado Vacation Packages - Finding the Right Colorado Vacation Packages

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The United States holds within its borders some of the most beautiful travel destinations throughout the world. On the West Coast of California, there are remarkable beaches that give way to inland mountains and valleys that eventually lead to the dry and arid deserts. The East Coast has its own coastline that holds some of the most remarkable beaches and waterways such as the Florida Keys. However, running through the western portion of the continent is one of the most famous and well-traveled destinations in the United States. The Rocky Mountains, which run through a number of states, are most famous for their range that runs through the state of Colorado. This state holds the highest peaks in the United States that receive some of the most snowfall amounts of any mountain range in the world. Due to this fact, the state of Colorado holds some of the most breath-taking views and vacation destinations in the US. Finding the right Colorado vacation package may seem at first to be a difficult task although one should keep in mind that whatever he or she chooses, they will have the vacation of a lifetime.
Colorado vacation packages often revolve around one of the world’s most famous winter past times: skiing. Skiing in Colorado can be one of the most rewarding experiences one will ever under take, and with an annual snowfall of over 300 inches per year, there are a number of choices when looking for a Colorado vacation package that revolves around skiing and snowboarding. Deep in the mountains of Colorado are some of the world’s most sought after skiing destinations such as Aspen, Telluride, and Steamboat Springs. Each of these destinations has something to offer even the most expert of skiers although those who are new to the sport will have just as much fun as well. These ski towns of the West offer not only skiing and snowboarding, but shopping, five-star dining, and other winter time activities such as ice skating and sleigh rides. Also at the resorts, one will find that some offer spa services such as deep tissue massage, mud baths, and a host of other services. Vacation packages for these destinations can be had for relatively inexpensive pricing depending on what season one wants to travel. During peak seasons, there are many packages that revolve around three to five night stays and can run up to $1000 per person. However, during the off seasons of late April and early May, one can expect to find ski packages with lodging for less than $100 per night.
Not only does Colorado have world class skiing, but it also boasts some of the most majestic vacation packages for golf as well. Many of the winter time ski destinations will turn from the ski season into a golf resort when the weather begins to break in early summer. Golf packages can be had at the same resort that one chose for his or her winter time ski destination. Golf destinations are normally far less expensive than the ski packages and one can find a golf package for around $100 per night in some of the less expensive resorts. For those that do not enjoy the actual sport of golf, there are also some resorts that have the option for disc golf as well.
Mountain Biking and Hiking
Again, some of the same resorts that offer skiing and snowboarding during the winter time will offer mountain biking and hiking during the summer. For instance, Aspen Snowmass turns into a nature lover’s paradise once the ski season ends in middle May. The resort offers Colorado vacation packages revolving around mountain biking along with guided nature hikes as well. There is always something to do in the state of Colorado. With a little research, one can find a Colorado vacation package to fit their particular style and budget.

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