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Royal Pedic Mattress - Royal Pedic Mattresses Provide Comfort in a Green Product

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The Royal Pedic Mattress may be one of the greenest mattresses made in the US. This mattress combines natural materials to create a comfortable bed that does not contain any chemicals that emit harmful gasses. Since people spend a great deal of their lives sleeping, it makes sense to have a healthy and comfortable mattress on which to rest. The manufacturer buys its latex from suppliers who only use latex from sustainable forests. While the mattresses use products from all over the world, they are completely assembled in California.

These mattresses have been used by professional athletes, presidents, entertainers, and people who expect the best out of their mattress. The mattresses are constructed using time proven techniques and the highest quality materials available for mattress construction. Famous people who have purchased Royal Pedic Mattress include Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Wilt Chamberlain, and a long list of entertainers.

The cotton used in the mattress is long staple cotton from Texas and California. This is a premium cotton that will last for many years. The cotton layers within the Royal Pedic Mattress are evenly distributed so that the mattress will not develop any uncomfortable spots over time. Customers can choose organic cotton for the mattress as an option. The latex is a natural product from trees and it is washed a number of times to eliminate any off gassing that might occur.

This Royal Pedic Mattress uses wool to pad the top layer, rather than polyurethane. The sheep that provide the wool range freely, a way to support farmers who believe in treating animals in humane and healty ways. No chemicals are used to clean the wool and the naturally occurring lanolin in the wool is not removed, which helps repel dust mites. Mattresses made with polyurethane are not nearly as durable as mattresses that use premium wool.

The inner coils used in this mattress have been tempered by baking them in hot ovens twice to strengthen them. The Royal Pedic Mattress has 85 percent more coils than other mattresses, assuring comfort and plenty of support.

Not only does the Royal Pedic Mattress come in all the standard bed sizes, the company will also accept custom orders for people who are larger or taller than normal. They also make mattresses to fit odd shapes commonly found on recreational boats or RVs. People can locate a local dealer with whom to work in determining the dimensions for a Royal Pedic Mattress by using their website’s pull down menu commands arranged by state to call or email them.

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