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Web Site Hosting Reseller - What is a Web Site Hosting Reseller?

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A web site hosting reseller is an individual who purchases server space from a web hosting company and then resells web space to others. In most instances, reseller website hosting is performed by small hosting companies that purchase reseller hosting plans and then sell them to other people. When a website hosting reseller sells to buyers at the regular purchase rate, it is possible for the reseller to collect the difference and make a profit. When a consumer makes a purchase through the reseller, the reseller can obtain a commission.

How Web Site Hosting Reselling Works
For instance, when a reseller purchases a hosting package of perhaps 1,000 MB space, they could conceivably break that up into ten different accounts, with each separate account having 100 MB of disk space and bandwidth. They might possibly pay $20 for the initial purchase. If they sold each individual package for $10 each, their total profit could exceed $80.

Once a customer has purchased a hosting plan, the web site hosting reseller is no longer in the picture. All remaining communications would take place between the hosting company and the buyer. In some instances, a hosting company might invoice the buyer using the name of the reseller.

The Demand for Website Hosting Reselling
There is usually a strong demand for good hosting plans as there are a large number of people who create personal web site and blogs. The Internet today is exploding with community website, websites dedicated to special groups and simply fun website. As a result, there has been an increased demand for inexpensive hosting that is also reliable. This provides the perfect opportunity for web site hosting resellers.

Reseller website hosting can be a fairly easy way to make additional money due to the fact that it can be easy to locate a niche in which there is not much competition. The key is often to set your hosting plan apart from that of the competition. One example of this would be to sell inexpensive hosting plans to a specific community. By focusing on one specific community, you would be able to provide them with outstanding customer service and then building the hosting plan around the needs of that particular community. This method usually works well when the community in question is rather small. As your reputation as a web site hosting reseller grows you can then begin to attract more clients. This would consequently generate a higher volume of revenue. Because of this it can be relatively easy for small scale hosting companies or even individuals to make money through the use of a reseller hosting plan.

Benefits of Web Site Hosting Reselling
There can be many benefits to acting as a web site hosting reseller, including:

• The ability to control the hosting so that you will be able to know precisely which features can be implemented on the website
• The ability to provide an additional service to make your existing services more appealing
• Recurring revenue. Web site hosting resellers can choose to charge a monthly fee for their web hosting in order to continue collecting money from a client even after other services, such as web design services, are completed.
• Build loyalty. If a client purchases web hosting from you, they will be more likely to continue to use your other services in the future.

Getting Started with Web Site Hosting Reselling
Getting established as a web site hosting reseller is not difficult. The easiest way to become established is to purchase a hosting reseller plan from another web host. Today many web hosting providers will charge very little per month when selling to resell hosting accounts. You can obtain the services that are offered by your hosting provider for your own website at the same time.

A dedicated server is often the most flexible way in which to become established as a hosting reseller. You can decide how to allocate web space on your server when you own or at least lease the entire machine.
Web site hosting reselling is becoming increasingly popular today among many individuals; including small hosting companies and others who provide other types of services including web design services.

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