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Domain Hosting Reseller Web - Domain Hosting Reseller Web Information

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Being a domain hosting reseller of web sites can be difficult to start-up these days, but the recurring rewards in terms of profit are definitely worth the effort. There are various types of domain and website hosting reselling which may be done. We’ll cover a few and discuss their respective benefits and drawbacks.

Domain hosting means just that, hosting domains that are then pointed directly or via redirects to content. Many domain buyers merely point domains at a host that then redirects that domain to affiliate sites. For instance, thisdomain.com, thatdomain.com, and thisotherdomain.com may all be pointed at domainthisthatandtheother.com which is hosted elsewhere. Domains can be virtually hosted, meaning that all or some of the domains on one account are pointed at one IP. Individual domains may also be solely assigned to one IP.

IP is an acronym for Internet Protocol, the unique address or number that identifies a computer on the Internet. An IP address may be permanent or may be generated each time a web browser connects to the Internet. It is thought by some that search engines grant greater relevancy to one domain given one IP versus virtually hosted domains wherein all domains are pointed at one IP.

A domain hosting reseller web business may begin on a virtual account. Many web hosting companies will allow this. Some hosting companies are specifically set-up for resellers who do this. With the advent of more sophisticated hosting and scripts, it is easier than ever to be a domain hosting reselling web business on a virtual account.

As a business grows, a dedicated server may be necessary. A dedicated hosting service or dedicated server is Internet hosting wherein the reseller, business or webmaster leases an entire server on which there are no other sites. In recent years with hosting scripting advances, the term has also come to mean an entire server’s pool of resources and not merely individual, physical servers. A dedicated server is more expensive than general virtual hosting, however, it also comes with much more disk space, more sophisticated available scripts and set-ups, and more bandwidth. A domain hosting reseller web business can grow to be quite large on a dedicated server.

A domain hosting reseller web business may resell virtual websites or, if allowed by the master host, it may resell their dedicated servers at a profit.

Here are five secret tips to a successful domain hosting reseller web business:

1) Automation is our friend. An entire domain hosting reseller web business may be set-up to run itself via automation. Via WH and some panel systems, entire ftp, script set-up and other services may be made available. A host’s customers will be far more self-sufficient. A self-sufficient turnkey client is a happy client. A happy client is less inclined to post testy work orders and complaints.

2) Don’t automate too much. Some administration should always be handled by the business owner. A hosting business should always be aware of its clients activities. It’s very easy to set-up a warez or bandwidth vampire porn site overnight. Illegal content is always a danger. As the host, the domain hosting reseller web business may be responsible for content that is hosted on it. Be aware. It is also necessary to keep an eye on bandwidth and disk space. One website can pull down a whole server.

3) A business can, if permitted by the original host, resell web hosting reseller websites to other customers. This sets-up a very healthy system of referrals for the original reseller.

4) Maintain personal contact with clients. Small accounts can become major ones. At one time, there was a little auction site hosted on a hosting service. That auction site became so popular that it became synonymous with the domain name of the host. Thus, ebay.com/~auctionweb.com became ebay.com

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