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Free Web Hosting Domain Name - What do I need to know in considering free web hosting and domain names?

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You have a great business idea, churning in your mind, that requires a web presence and domain name. The internet has an abundance of companies advertising free web hosting and domain names. But are they really free? You do a search for free web hosting and domain names, and the results are profound. You find that many of them actually are not entirely free. Some offer free domain names and perhaps 30 days free web hosting, but then a monthly fee is initiated for the hosting service. There may also be a yearly renewal fee charged for the domain name. Before you make an agreement for free web hosting and domain, read the entire agreement and terms. You might be surprised to find hidden costs, with a short term free status followed by monthly fees posted to your credit card. Such charges may be very difficult to halt.

An important consideration is the terms of service. There can be voluminous fine print that defines the service and includes some provisions that may be unsatisfactory. Be sure you read the fine print, all of it. Certainly there will be reasonable limitations and restrictions on the service, and the allowable content as well as prohibited content will be clarified. When availing yourself of a free domain names hosting, cautions against posting pornographic or offensive materials, false advertising or defamatory content will be expected to be put forth by the web host.

In addition, free web and domain hosting carries with it the responsibility to protect visitors’ personal information. This important duty is made clear in the agreements that web hosting and domain name companies ask you to affirm. There is the matter of up-time also: sometimes servers go down or fail to function for various reasons. Most free domain name web hosting companies explain this to those who sign on for their services. They explain that at times the system may be afflicted by an overload or other difficulties which cause down-time that can adversely affect your web site’s ability to perform. There are usually disclaimers in warranties about the possibilities of viruses, loss of data, and general server malfunction. There are also policies regarding the placing of “cookies” on your computer. Generally, such cookies can be removed from time to time, but there are operations that depend upon the presence of cookies.

Things change, and in the event of the need to terminate the free domain and web hosting, there is a process to follow in such termination. If the termination is initiated by the web host, for violations of rules and the agreement, there can be no recourse and the only step to take is to seek a new web host. Free web hosting domain name sites give details on their limitations on liability for whatever shortcomings the web hosting and domain name presents.

The most important things to keep in mind are the capacity that is offered to you as part of the “free” domain name and web hosting, the options that are available such as shopping cart, payment processing features, ease of content changes, and the reliability of the host services. The freedom to keep your domain name should you transfer to another web host is of great value also. So far as the actual design of the web site, the quality and appearance of the page designs and fonts can make a big difference in how professional your free web site appears. In the internet world, where marketing is driven by the attractiveness and efficiency of web content and layouts, page designs matter. If, as was pointed out initially, the free web hosting and domain name is not in fact free, then you will want it to be at the lowest price possible for the quality offered. With a business to run, you do not want a free domain web hosting that requires a master programmer to maintain. What you should be sure to get is a site that not only provides a free domain name, but also a free web hosting or at least a low priced one, and one that is within your ability to maintain and post changing content on as you need. Now, go find that free web host and domain name.

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