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First National Bank Omaha - First National Bank of Omaha - History of First National Bank Omaha, Services of First National Bank Omaha

History and Services

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First National Bank Omaha one of the largest banks in the United States. With over $20 billion in assets in 2010, the bank has about 6.6 million customers in seven states and is the largest privately owned bank in the country. It has a long history that is closely linked to the history of both the city of Omaha and the state of Nebraska.

History of First National Bank Omaha

The history of the First National Bank of Omaha is closely aligned with the history of the region. In 1850, Thomas Davis donated $600 in gold dust to help establish the town of Omaha. In 1857, Augustus and Dean Kountze opened the Kountze Brothers Bank in Omaha. Davis later served on the board of this bank, which changed its name to First National Bank of Omaha in 1863. The bank continued to grow throughout the late 19th century and early 20th century and has always been among the leaders in innovating new technologies and customer services. For example, in order to appeal to women, the bank opened a Ladies’ Department which was staffed with women tellers in 1913.

While many banks went out of business during the Great Depression, First National Bank made it a priority to honor every withdrawal request and even stayed open for longer hours during this period. The bank continued to thrive in the post war era, and was the first bank in the area to offer a credit card in 1953. The bank opened the twenty-two story First National Center in downtown Omaha in 1971. The bank has continued to be a leading innovator in the banking business. In 2008, it opened a new high-tech branch in Papillion, Nebraska. This branch features a educational center, a business center, a coffee bar, a play area for children, and other technological features such as retina-scan operated safe deposit boxes.

Services of First National Bank Omaha

First National Bank Omaha currently has bank branches in three states (Nebraska, Iowa and Texas). Standard checking, savings, and other services are offered at these locations. In addition to these standard services, everything from gift cards to investment services are available both at these branches and through the online banking site.

First National Bank of Omaha also has a partnership with several companies that are designated First At Work Companies. Employees of these companies are entitled to special banking privileges and rates, as well as loans and investment options, with First National Bank Omaha. The bank also has several small business and commercial programs, including small business start-up loans and credit card options, retirement and investment options, and health savings account services.

The bank also has a number of other services and locations. With their FNBO Direct service, online banking services, credit cards, and online bill-paying services are offered. The company also offers several different credit services. The First National Merchant Solutions and the First National Credit Card Center offer bank processing and credit services, including loan underwriting services and credit card processing.

The First National Bank of Omaha continues to be a leader in the banking industry and in its region as it grows along with the city of Omaha.

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