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Mp3 piracy may be a crime, but it certainly spoke to consumers’ appetite for free, on-demand music. As legitimate business ventures pick up on this stated interest, finding free songs online has become both easy and legal through a variety of sources.


When a song simply must be heard, many users turn to Youtube’s quick and familiar search engine. Many artists allow full music videos to be posted on Youtube, while fan and tribute videos make it possible to listen to all but the most harshly restricted music. Sometimes a user will find themselves watching a bizarre tribute to Japanese animation or a high school project, but minimizing the screen makes it so that only the audio plays.

Users can also use Youtube’s channel system to watch a series of videos provided by a certain channel. In this way, Youtube can function like a lightly advertised MTV, playing video after video from a certain artist or collection.

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Pandora Internet Radio

Pandora’s “Music Genome Project” is a work of staggering ingenuity. Users are invited to build radio stations by entering a single song or artist, at which point the program free-associates the properties of that song or artist with other similar music. Further variety can then be added with additional criteria, or the station can be left to play as is.

While a station is playing, users can give a song thumbs up or thumbs down. This influences Pandora’s database for that station, and it will play fewer songs with those properties. A well-seasoned station is also a great source for new music, as it will integrate new songs of similar qualities in addition to old favorites.

After forty hours of play, Pandora asks for $.99 for unlimited playing that month. Users can also upgrade to Pandora One for a small monthly fee that provides unlimited, advertisement-free music. Users can also use the site to buy music and view lyrics as songs are playing.

For free songs online, Pandora will give forty hours of high quality music while asking very little in return. It plays a single advertisement every few songs—a modest price for such a fine product.

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Jango has many things in common with Pandora, beginning as that site does by asking for a song or artist from which to construct a music station. From here, though, Jango offers a more customized approach to building radio stations. As a song plays, users can elect to hear more of the same artist or to jump to a related one.

Users rate songs in Jango, with the thumbs system replaced by three emoticons: an unhappy face, a happy face, or a super-grin. Advertisements sit under the music player, and they are as closely related to the song or artist as possible. Ring tones, CDs, biographies, and more all appear on the extended page, so that music lovers can learn as they listen.

Overall, Jango provides adaptable listening with unobtrusive advertising.

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Grooveshark is a community-intensive site that lets users share songs and stations. Artists and collectors can even upload tracks to the master song database, providing free exposure for beginning bands and a way to find some truly rare recordings. This has resulted in some legal trouble for Grooveshark as illegal songs start creeping their way in, but the site has been yielding in the face of government concerns.

As an open source project, Grooveshark is open to fiddling by experienced computer users. Its active community creates new widgets for it with some frequency, and it plays on a variety of operating systems.

The best thing about Grooveshark is its specificity—though users can stream a radio station, they can also search for songs individually, assembling playlists for any occasion from an extensive and well-organized collection of music.

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Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio provides user- and owner-generated radio stations with just a few clicks. People can listen freely with no subscription, and there is no listening limit. The site opens with simple, easily recognizable stations like “Hip-Hop/R&B” or “Rock” and provides a wide array of other options within its searchable collection of other stations. It even has the added perk of an ABC news station.

Like Pandora, Slacker Radio offers an upgraded service with unlimited listening as well as cell phone applications.

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