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Find Telephone Number - How to Find a Telephone Number

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Finding a telephone number was once a matter of calling up the local operator and seeing if he or she could connect you. Those days are long over. As technology has marched on, the ways to find a telephone number have grown, but so have the ways to hide a telephone number.

As most people are aware, there are now two basic types of telephone service: landline telephone service and mobile phone service. Landline phones can again be split up into two categories: traditional phone service and cable phone service. Out of all the types of services, finding a phone number is easiest with traditional landline services. This is because these numbers are published in printed telephone directories that have come to be known as the white pages and yellow pages. White pages typically list residential phone numbers alphabetically by name. Yellow pages list business phone numbers categorized by the type of business. To find most of these numbers requires a person only to locate a telephone book for the city in which the person lives.

The problem with using telephone books to find a phone number is that these books are not readily available for every city in the country. Some larger libraries may have phone books for major cities, but none have them all. Another problem with phone books is that you cannot find all telephone numbers in them. Many cable landline phone numbers are not listed in the directory, and no mobile phone numbers are listed. Also, for a small fee, people can opt out of having their phone number listed in the directory. This makes books a very inefficient way to find a telephone number.

You can also use the phone to find a phone number. It is no longer necessary to call the operator. It can now be done by calling a special phone directory number: 411. This number for “information” goes to an automated service backed up by live operators who can help you to find a telephone number.

Now that the internet is widely used, many telephone directories have been made available online. Major phone companies have compiled all of their directories across the country into one searchable interface to make it easy to find a telephone number. These directories, however, still have many of the limitations of telephone books.

Another type of online directory is the independent directory. Many third-party companies have created nationwide internet telephone search sites that compiles information from several sources to provide a more complete listing. These websites often allow users to input their information themselves in exchange for expanded search benefits. The problem with these websites is that sometimes they contain old information.

Sometimes you can find a telephone number by using a social networking site. Many people and businesses list their phone numbers on such popular websites as Facebook, Myspace, and LinkedIn. If you can find the person, you may just be able to find their phone number there.

The final way to find a telephone number is to use a paid service. In the days before the internet, a paid phone number search service was usually in the form of a high-priced private detective. In today’s world, a personal detective is not needed to find a phone number. You can use a website that pulls information from public documents that may have the phone number you need to find. A paid phone number search service is the most comprehensive method to find a telephone number.

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