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Reverse Look Up Phone Number - How to Use Reverse Phone Number Look Up

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Not too long ago, the only way to know to whom a phone number belonged was by dialing it and asking the person who picks up the phone. Sometimes, in the late 20th century, an answering machine would pick up, revealing the number’s owner. The invention of caller ID partially changed this, but it does not always provide both the name and number of the caller. Sometimes you’re left with a number and no name to go with it.

The ability to do a reverse look up phone number is in contrast to a normal lookup where you know the person’s name, and you want to find their number. The reverse is when you have the number and want to find the person.

The reverse lookup of a phone number was once only available to authorities, such as the police, and to private investigators who paid for listing of phone numbers by numerical order. Today, a telephone number reverse lookup can be done through one of several online sources. One of the easiest sources is simply to put the phone number into an internet search engine, being sure to use the dashes. Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other major search engines can scour webpages to find the person or business that uses the number.

Another way to find who uses a phone number is to use a specialized online reverse lookup phone number service. These services have either used free sources to put together a database of people, businesses, and phone numbers, or they have purchased the information from telephone service providers. Some reverse look up phone number services use both of these methods in order to obtain a more complete listing.

Once you access the internet service, it is a simple matter of entering the number and seeing what sort of results come up. Often, the person’s name, address, location, and type of phone can be found, depending on which service is used. A lot of free services give only a name from an incomplete database. For a more complete set of information, it is often required to use a service that has a small fee attached.

It is always recommended to use a free reverse look up phone number service before using a paid service. There is no reason to use a paid service if you don’t have to. Only when the number yields no results and curiosity is driving you stark raving mad should you use a paid service. In most cases, if no results are found, the general public will still regard the number as an unsolvable mystery. Paid services are usually used by someone who suspects a deed of mistrust from a family member, lover, or spouse.

The good part about using a paid service is that the fee is either monthly or annually, so if you have a lot of loose phone numbers you would like to look up using a reverse lookup telephone number service, then you can do so relatively inexpensively on a per number basis.

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