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Look Up Phone Number - How to Look Up a Phone Number

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No one can argue that telecommunications have changed the world. It is so easy and efficient to talk to anyone in any part of the country just by picking up a telephone. The only problem in the technology as it exists today is that telephone communications rely on a special code that we call a phone number. You can’t call a person just by entering their name and city. You have to use the code. To make matters worse, people don’t have just one code that they get to keep all their lives. Codes are assigned at the mercy of the phone service provider and can change depending on if you ever change your provider or your location. This means that one of two circumstances can greater hinder the advanced technology of telephone service: not knowing a person’s telephone number or not knowing the person to whom a number has been assigned.

To help solve this dilemma and stop the world from coming to a screeching halt, a number of services have been made available to help you look up a phone number in both directions. A regular lookup is by searching with a name to find a number. A reverse lookup is done by searching with a number to find a name.

It used to be that to look up a phone number you had to call the operator. Soon, a telephone books were published that listed all the phone numbers and names of phone users in specific cities. Both of these methods helped immensely in keeping phone communications successful. However, there were some problems, including that they could only be used for a regular look up of a phone number and not a reverse look up (unless you had a lot of time on your hands).

It was not until the advent of the internet that a more powerful way to look up a phone number was invented. The use of the internet to look up a telephone number has the advantages of being able to do both regular and reverse searches. Some of these online searches are free. You just enter a name and city or a number and it will search a vast database compiled from public records and records that were bought from phone providers. The chances of successfully locating the information you are looking for depends on the service. It is also dependent on the service as to what sort of information is returned.

Many online services you can use to look up a phone number only provide you with limited information for free. This is always the case if the person uses a cell phone or the number you are trying to reverse lookup is a cell phone number. Cell phone numbers are not listed in the regular directories. The databases of cell phone numbers can be expensive, so online services to look up cell phone numbers are not free to the public. They require a monthly or yearly fee to be paid before the information is given out. This is nothing new. Live phone information has traditionally only been available for a fee. Calling information regularly can rack up a large added expense of the phone bill.

An easier way to look up a phone number is to simply use an internet search engine. Typing a phone number or name and city into a search engine often provides you with fast results. The problem with this type of search, however, is that it is unreliable and the information may be out-of-date.

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