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Flights From New York - Flights from New York - General Information about Flights from New York

NYC Airport and Flight Information

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Whether you are a resident of the “Big Apple” or a visitor, if you travel often you will more than likely need to find flights from New York at some time or another. As would be expected, there are several options for those considering flights from New York. The most important decision for those who plan to fly from New York is which airport to fly out of; therefore, it is crucial to get basic information about each of the three major airports in the New York metropolitan area.

General Information about Flights from New York

Along with several airport options in New York City, there are several options for transportation to those airports. When planning your trip to any of the New York airports, you should plan on at least 90 minutes to get there. NYC traffic is well-known for being slow and congested, so make sure to budget plenty of time if you are taking a taxi to the airport. While the subway does run to the airports, it can be difficult to carry large luggage up and down the stairs to the subway station or on to the trains, especially at rush hour. In general, therefore, be sure to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time for any trip to an NYC airport.

When searching for flights from New York, the best place to begin is with the many travel websites on the internet. Along with the specific airline websites, you should be able to find a flight that fits your schedule and price range on one of these sites.

Finally, in addition to the airports discussed below, several smaller NYC airports offer commuter and private flights to and from New York: Long Island MacArthur Airport, Westchester County Airport, Stewart International Airport, and Teterboro Airport in Teterboro, New Jersey.

Flights from New York at John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK Airport is a major hub for several airlines. Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic all use JFK as an international hub, so if you are flying internationally from New York, JFK will probably be your best bet.

To get to JFK Airport, expect to pay about $35 to $45 for a taxi from Manhattan, $60 for a car service or limousine, or $15 to $25 for a bus service. Also, the JFK AirTrain connects the terminals of the airport and connects with the Long Island Rail Road and the NYC subway system. In addition to your train fare, the AirTrain will cost $5. Finally, you can take the MTA for $5.50 from various locations around the city and connect with the JFK AirTrain to get to the airport. While this is the cheapest option, it will also take the longest.

Flights from New York at LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport is somewhat smaller than JFK and has more domestic flights, including commuter flights to east coast cities such as Boston and Washington D.C. Delta Airlines operates several of these commuter flights from LaGuardia.

To get to LaGuardia Airport, you have the same basic options as you do to get to JFK. Prices for taxis ($25 to $35) and car services ($45) will typically be a little cheaper from Manhattan. Although it will typically take longer, several bus lines (including the M60 line) cost $2.25 in coins to get to the airport from the city. Another affordable but quicker option is the LaGuardia Airport Shuttle, which will take you from Grand Central Port Authority, Penn Station, and several Midtown Manhattan hotels for $12 to $15.

Flights from New York at Newark Liberty International Airport

Located in nearby Newark, New Jersey, the Newark Liberty International Airport is another good option for international travelers flying from New York. Continental Airlines uses this airport as an international hub, along with several other airlines.

To get to Newark Liberty Airport, a taxi from Manhattan will cost between $50 and $70. Train services from Newark are a cheaper option, with one way tickets to New York for $15 with NJ Transit and $20 to $30 with Amtrak. The Newark Airport Shuttle is available for $12 to $15 per person, and Olympia Trails has a $15 bus service from Manhattan to the Newark Airport. A private car service will typically cost about $45 to $55. Finally, the cheapest option is public transit. From the World Trade Center, you could pay $1.75 for a PATH subway to Newark Penn Station and from there take New Jersey Transit bus #62 for $1.35 to the airport.

With three major airports, several minor airports, and many transportation options, those who are looking for flights from New York should have little trouble finding transportation to the airport and flights to fit their needs and budget.

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