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Florida Court Reporters - Florida Court Reporters Association - Training Programs for Florida Court Reporters, Salary Information for Florida Court Reporters

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At any legal proceeding, the court reporter plays a very important role. Whether in a court room or another meeting, court reporters are responsible for precisely recording every word that is spoken. Therefore, it is crucial that court reporters get and maintain the proper training. For anyone considering a career as a Florida court reporter, the Florida Court Reporters Association (FCRA) is an indispensable resource. This organization was founded in 1961, and its mission is to educate and help develop court reporters in the state of Florida. The FCRA has an office in Altamonte Springs, Florida and has a full time staff and a 12 member board of directors. They also maintain an active presence in the Florida state legislature at the state capital in Tallahassee, with lobbyists who both keep member reporters informed about changes that might affect them and also lobby the state lawmakers to meet the needs of court reporters. In addition to the services outlined below, the FCRA also produces _The Florida Court Reporter Magazine _, maintains a referral service, and has a regular public relations service that primarily deals with the Florida Supreme Court.

Training Programs for Florida Court Reporters

Several schools throughout the state offer training for Florida court reporters. The schools that offer court reporter training that are endorsed by the FCRA include the Atlantic Vo-Tec Center in Coconut Creek, Key College in Dania, Atlantic Coast Institute in Fort Lauderdale, Sheridan Technical Center in Hollywood, Stenotype Institute of Jacksonville, Court Reporter Tutor and Miami-Dade Community College in Miami, Erwin Technical Center in Tampa, and Winter Park Tech in Winter Park. They also endorse an online training program through Learning Broward. Therefore, residents in most parts of the state have access to a training center within reasonable driving distance, and those that do not have access to online training programs.

The length of these training programs varies according to the type of training. In general, there are three types of court reporting. The most common and well-known type of court reporting is stenographic reporting. Stenographers use special stenotype machines to quickly and accurately record statements in real time. This kind of reporting requires extensive training that takes about three years. The second type of court reporting is electronic reporting. This type of recording involved an audio recording and later transcription of the statements made in a legal proceeding. This type of reporting requires minimal training and can even sometimes be learned on the job. The third type of court reporting is voice writing. With this type of reporting, the court reporter speaks into a small microphone attached to a voice silencer to keep him or her from being heard by others. In addition to repeating any statements, the report also describes gestures and other physical reactions in the room. This type of reporting requires about a year of training.

Salary Information for Florida Court Reporters

The yearly salaries for Florida court reporters can vary greatly. The average annual salary for a entry level Florida court reporter is about $37,000. At the low end, free lance electronic court reporters can expect to make $30,000 or less when starting out. At the higher end, established court stenographers can make more than $70,000 in some cases. The salary can also vary according to the region.

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