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Plasma Tv Accessories - The Top Plasma TV Accessories - Plasma TV Accessories – Cables, Plasma TV Accessories – Stands and Mounts

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A plasma TV is a big investment, and you want to make sure that you get the most out of your investment by getting the right plasma TV accessories. The variety and usefulness of the accessories depend on a variety of factors. Some of these accessories are needed simply to connect the TV to your cable or satellite receiver. Other accessories are required simply to keep the TV upright. These plasma TV accessories are a necessity. Some accessories are optional, such as sound systems, antennae, surge protectors, home theater furniture, cleaners, gaming systems, and internet connections.

Plasma TV Accessories – Cables

While there was once only one type of video cable for TVs, there are now several. What type of cable you’ll require is completely dependent on what you’re connecting your plasma TV to. Your plasma TV will be able to use any cable, but the connected system may be limited to using a specific one. The older coaxial cable, S-video cable, RCA cable and DVI cables vary in their obsoleteness but may be required for you to use. If possible, you will want to use HDMI cables to connect to your plasma TV. HDMI cables are the first cable that transfer both sound and video through one cable, and they still allow for the fastest data transfer of any other cable and will give you the best high-definition picture and sound.

Plasma TV Accessories – Stands and Mounts

Some sort of stand or mounting system is necessary for a plasma TV. Accessories for mounting your plasma TV generally come with the TV package. With these mounts and brackets, your plasma television can be attached directly to the wall, hung from the ceiling, or fitted to specialized floor stand or table that allows it to tilt and swivel. Optionally, the plasma TV can just sit on or in a standard wooden, metal, or glass entertainment center. It’s important to check the weight of the TV against the weight that the TV stand is designed to hold – you don’t want your plasma TV to be damaged by the stand collapsing!

Plasma TV Accessories – Sound Systems

Plasma TVs are not usually known for having the best audio capabilities. Most of them use a stereo speaker system, sometimes in the form of a bar speaker. A bar speaker is just a long slender speaker system with multiple speakers embedded in it. Many people opt for an upgraded sound system with home-theater quality sound. These systems consist of a receiver, a large sub-woofer, and up to six satellite speakers that can be arranged in front, around, and to the rear of the seating area.

Plasma TV Accessories – Others

Several other plasma TV accessories can be bought for your new television or home-theater system. Many plasma televisions can connect to the internet for added functionality. Some of these have to be connected via an Ethernet cable, while others can connect through Wi-Fi. This requires the purchase of a wireless router, so you can split your internet connection between your computer and TV.

DVD players are still standard Plasma TV accessories. However, they are quickly being supplanted by Blu-ray players. Blu-ray technology uses disks similar to DVDs, but they can hold more data so that higher definition video code can be embedded into the disk.

Gaming systems are also popular Plasma TV accessories. While the Nintendo Wii is fun to play, most gamers prefer the Microsoft Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. The Playstation 3 has a Blu-ray player built in, and both can add functionality through an internet connection.

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