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Tech Craft Tv Stands - Buying Tech Craft TV Stands - Tech Craft – The Company, Models of Tech Craft TV Stands

series feature metal glass

Buying a new flat-screen TV entails a lot more than just going out and buying a TV. The days where you could just bring home a TV and set it on top of a dresser or table are over. Today’s expensive TVs demand a furniture solution that is worthy of the price of the TV. While many people like to buy a wall-mount system for their TV, others prefer the ambiance and décor that is provided with a TV stand made especially for flat-screen televisions. These stands differ from standard entertainment centers by providing a mounting bar that allows the TV to swivel left, right, up, down, or even swing out in different directions. The features depend on how much you are willing to spend. Tech Craft TV stands are some of the most popular on the market.

Tech Craft – The Company

The Tech Craft TV stand was first produced by the company in 1974. Although they spell their name as Techcraft, many retailers split the word into two (Tech Craft) or add a hyphen (Tech-Craft). This can sometimes make searching for products on the internet more difficult.

Although Tech Craft TV stands came out over 35 years ago, it was only in the last few years that this Japanese company really showed the world what it could do for flat-screen TVs. Their popularity soared, and in 2003 they were able to complete an expansion on their factory costing millions of dollars and expanding the compound into over 500,000 square feet.

Today, Tech Craft TV stands are sold in 17 countries worldwide to retailers. They also allow electronics companies to purchase their products and market them under private labels, so many Tech Craft stands carry a different brand name.

Models of Tech Craft TV Stands

Tech Craft TV stands come in several different sizes and models. They are categorized into one of six separate series. These series include the following:

Bernini Series – The Bernini Series includes stands of the highest quality that can accept almost any size TV. Different models are available for the different sizes. They feature black metal frames with open shelving made of tempered glass. The stands sit low to the ground and feature a squared-away front frame independent of the shelves. They come unassembled, but can be put together by almost anyone without tools. Bernini Series stands are attractive and strong.

Monaco Series – The Monaco Series offers TV stands that add some class to any living room or bedroom. They include audio racks and are available in either black or silver. The frames are sturdy metal, the shelving is made of tempered glass, and the legs are constructed of solid walnut. These Tech Craft TV stands are in a semi-circular design with a straight front-end and rounded backside. This series also includes wire management hardware, and they are easy to put together.

Sorrento Series – The Sorrento Series includes an extensive number of models with no single feature standing out among them. In fact, it is impossible to determine why Tech Craft included them together as a distinct series. The series is a hodge-podge of different designs that can be tall and thin or short and squat. They can accommodate any TV and come in several finishes: mahogany, silver, and black. Shelves are tempered glass, and the stands include wire management.

MD Series – This series is a basic, low-cost, TV stand solution. They have prominent, squared metal framing with a glossy black finish and glass shelves with a smoky cast. They feature either two or three shelf designs. Components are easy to access with these simple stands.

Solution Series – The Solution Series incorporates a design that reaches for invisibility. Clear glass is supported by low-profile beams of flat-colored metal. J brackets are included for mounting the TV above the shelves. Legs come in either gloss gun-metal black or solid wood. The sharply angled sides invert at the rear for a space-age look. These are the most modern Tech Craft TV stands.

Veneto Series – The Veneto Series is the most expensive and stylish of Tech Craft TV stands. They are sturdy stands in an attractive cabinet design. These stands are made of high-quality woods with natural veneer in dark brown, light brown, and mahogany. They feature two or three-door designs that are easy to assemble, and they also have a great cable management system.

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