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Fuji Cameras Digital - Fuji Digital Cameras

Current Models and Features

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One of the most well-known and well-respected brands in the photography business is Fujifilm. This Japanese company was founded in 1934, and its first product was actually motion picture film. After the Japanese economy began its recovery following World War II, Fujifilm’s share in the photography market continued to grow, and by the end of the 20th century, Fujifilm had become the largest photographic and imaging company in the world. Although the company continues to offer many film and photography development services including many types of Fuji cameras, digital cameras now make up a large portion of the companies products and revue.

In the North American market, Fujifilm offers five lines of digital cameras. The least expensive line of Fujifilm’s digital camera options is the A series. These models retail for about $90 to $125 dollars and have basic features such as 5X wide-angle optical zoom. The next step up from the A series is the J series. This series ranges from $110 to $250. The lower end models of this series have few features that are not available in the A series. The high-end model of the A series, the FinePix JZ500 has features like a 10X wide-angle optical zoom lens, high-sensitivity ISO3200, and SR AUTO scene recognition. The next step up, the X series, has only one model to date: the FinePix XP10. Since this model retails for $180, some of the J series cameras are more expensive and, in theory, higher quality, than the FinePix XP10. This model features a 5x periscopic optical-zoom lens, high-sensitivity speed option (ISO1600), and is waterproof to 10 feet and freeze proof to 14 degrees.

The highest quality Fujifilm digital cameras are in the F series and S series. The cameras in the F series retail from $280 to $350. The high-end model in this series, the F200EXR FinePix, has a 5x wide-angle optical zoom lens and a low-light picture taking function (ISO 6400 at 6MP resolution and 12800 at 3MP resolution). The S series models’ prices range from $200 to $1000. One of the $500 models, the FinePix HS10 has features like a 30X wide-angle optical zoom lens, 24mm to 720mm equivalent manual zoom, hi-def movie recording (1080p) with stereo sound, and a continuous-burst shooting at 10fps (10M) up to 8 frames. Although it is not currently available, the S9000 series features professional level cameras that retail for about $1000. These 9 mega-pixel cameras feature 10.7X optical zoom lens and speeds up to ISO 1600.

Of the Fujifilm cameras reviewed at the popular technology website cnet.com, the F200EXR FinePix received the highest review (four out of five stars). However, most of the Fujifilm digital cameras reviewed by the editors at that side have received ratings in the three to three-and-a-half star range. Therefore, Fujifilm digital cameras are typically reliable, and for most consumers are more than adequate. For the serious photographer, however, the most advanced Fujifilm digital cameras may not be on part with some of the other top of the line material.

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