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Free Chess Online - Resources for Free Chess Online

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With a history dating back to the Middle Ages, the game of chess is so much a part of the human experience that it is invulnerable to copyright and thus widely available online.

As one might expect, Chess.com is the first place many people go to find free chess online. Chess lovers can sign up for free in under a minute and gain access to a community of avid chess players to chat with on the forums and play games with. Ongoing tournaments provide an avenue to competitive, organized play, while numerous articles, videos, and tutorials help players hone their game. Puzzles, polls, and trivia are updated daily.

Fly Ordie provides a less focused game community than Chess.com. Users sign up for an online game community, with chess just one of many options for entertainment. The chess program includes a variety of different play modes as well, from one-minute “bullet chess” to ongoing tournaments. The added presence of numerous other games makes this a good service for people who expect that their interests will move from chess elsewhere.

Players particularly fond of tournaments and chess competition can look to Chess Maniac, a site that tracks tournament news and helps organize “chess clubs” between like-minded individuals. Chess Maniac requires registration due to its community nature and tournament play.

Players of free chess online don’t necessarily need to sign up for a new service to enjoy communal play: Facebook features an application called Chess that records player ratings and rapidly connects players to one another. Friends can challenge friends easily, and the proliferation of Facebook makes getting games going between fellow chess lovers a quick and painless process.

Free chess online can also be played at Yahoo! Games, which incorporates an existing Yahoo! account into the user sign-up. In this way, people can sign in without actually having an account and get to playing immediately on an established game server. An attractive and customizable program, it can be incorporated into Yahoo! Messenger, reskinned to feature different board styles, and a variety of other widgets that live up to the expectations of Yahoo!’s exclamation point.

Chess Zone markets itself as a “free chess school” with a site focused on teaching players the intricacies of the game. Though similar resources are available on Chess.com and others, Chess Zone’s singular focus makes it a useful site for putting the nose to the chess-playing grindstone. The site also produces the free, PDF-published Chess Zone Magazine, on its eighth issue in August 2010.

Those looking to play a quick game with no fuss can try any number of automated chess sites like Learn 4 Good’s FlashChess, the Free Blubbie chess server or this corner of Chess.com.

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