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Free File Storage Online - An Introduction to Free File Storage Online

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As file storage becomes more streamlined, many websites have been able to provide free file storage online as a means of promoting a professional business database or to generate ad-revenue. Users either use a browser applet or a small downloadable program to interview with their own private database on which photos, songs, text, video, and other files can be stored. This is useful for a variety of reasons, from the protection of important digital documents to reinstall efforts to file hosting for small businesses.

Some websites (like Carbonite Pro or Cisco’s Webex) offer free trials rather than free space, but plenty of other websites do. One such service is Mozy, a storage site with more than 25 petabytes of information to draw from—that’s enough space for more than a million DVD-quality movies. While they offer unlimited space for $5 a month, they offer 2 gigs free as a promotional service, which is barely a drop in the ocean that is their database. Their three-fold creed is that A) backup should be automatic, B) files should be encrypted, and C) back-up should be smart and efficient.

Mozy requires that users fill out a short survey that also serves as registration information and a source for password retrieval options. Mozy offers 2 gb of storage space, though they offer a referral bonus of one extra gb for every four friends you convince to use the service. After accepting registration through an e-mail link, users can then download the necessary software. The program creates an archive of the user’s entire computer, then allows them to check boxes in an easily navigable window.

Many less established sites offer 1 gb of free space, including Omnidrive, Steekr, Egnite, Yuntaa (currently in beta testing), and Box dot Net. These small services are mostly promotions for a primary service like the extended example of Mozy, above. Rapidshare is also worthy of note for its ease of use and easy linkability, though it only offers 500 mb.

If one or two gigs isn’t enough, a few sites offer considerably more storage, albeit less securely. 4 Shared offers 10 gb free of charge in a searchable, online database with no required downloads. My Other Drive offers 5 gb, while Uploading It (formerly MediaMax) offers the largest free space at 25 gigabytes, though uploading all of it at once is a process which can take days on some connections.

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