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Swivel Tv Stands - Buying Swivel TV Stands - Choosing a Style of Swivel TV Stands

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After buying a new TV, the next purchase most people make, even before it gets out of the box, is a new TV stand. With smaller TVs, a fixed position stand is good enough because you can still swivel the TV from position-to-position, depending on from where you want to watch it. With larger flat-screen televisions, you cannot so easily change the position of the TV. For one thing, the TV is too large and cumbersome to be moving around constantly. Secondly, it can be hazardous to move the TV too much because it can be accidentally toppled. Last, some TV stands require mounting the TV to the stand, making it immobile.

To be able to angle large flat-screen TVs in any direction usually requires a swivel TV stand. Swivel TV stands come in many sizes and forms. Narrowing your selection of TV stands to a swivel model does not greatly reduce choices in design, and you will thank yourself later for creating such an easy way to watch TV comfortably from several vantage points in your home. Here are a few guidelines to consider before you go looking for swivel TV stands:

Choosing a Style of Swivel TV Stands

TV swivel stands are available in a variety of styles. Choosing a specific style will depend greatly on your current décor. Several generalized styles can be purchased, including traditional, ultra-modern, and earthy woods. Some styles of swivel TV stands are simple stands with a circular swivel on the top that lets you spin the TV around as much as you need to with the only restriction coming from the cords and cables attached to it. Another style of swivel TV stands uses a mounting system that holds the TV up off the surface, and it is the mount that swivels in any direction. Many swivel mounts also tilt up and down.

Where to Place Swivel Mount TV Stands

TV swivel stands are easier to place than standard TV stands because they can adjust for viewing from many angles. However, some swivel stands for TVs are designed to be placed in specific parts of a room such as a corner or against a wall. Placement will depend on how much space you have. It should be remembered that larger TVs of 50 inches and greater require a viewing distance of at least 7 feet, and viewing is optimum up to ten feet away.

Other Considerations for Swivel TV Stands

There are a few other considerations that must be factored in to your search for swivel TV stands. How much your TV weighs is a big factor. TV stands are made for only a specific weight of TV. You must know the weight of your TV before you purchase a stand.

Another consideration is price. Swivel TV stands can be found in all price ranges. To get the price, it is usually necessary to buy the stand from an online retailer. Traditional retailers are good for taking a look at what is available and evaluating models in person, but give yourself a few days, and find the stand that you like from a reputable online store. Even with shipping, you should be able to beat the price of Best Buy, Walmart, and many other stores.

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