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50 Tv Stands - Buying 50" TV Stands

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Buying a 50-inch or larger TV is an exciting event in almost any household. The only problem that it poses is that you cannot buy the TV alone. 50” TVs almost always requires the additional purchase of 50” TV stands. The old armoire-style stand you were using before simply won’t cut it for your new viewing monstrosity. Any cabinet type of stand or entertainment center will be too small, and most traditional stands that only require you to set the TV on top will not offer enough support. New 50” TV stands are open models that offer extra support for such large TVs or bracket mounting systems to hold the TV up off the stand and using the weight of the base to support it.

Many people like to wall-mount their new flat-screen TVs. This can be visually appealing, but for a 50” TV it is not always practical. You will need strong wall studs and supports. Even if your wall holds the TV, you still won’t have a place for all your television accessories, such as the cable or satellite receiver, DVD or Blu-ray player, gaming system, sound system, etc. The shelving of 50” TV stands provides enough space and more for all of these accessories. Another problem is that for the TV to look good on a wall, you will have to drill holes in the wall for all the cables. A wall-mounted TV with cables running down the wall is not attractive at all.

The first factor to consider when looking for 50” TV stands is how sturdy they are. You will need a stand that can handle both the weight and the size of the TV. Each stand will display the weight and size limits it can handle.

The next factor to look for is shelf-space. You will need a shelf for each of your console accessories, or you will need wide shelving that can fit several accessories side-by-side on a single shelf. To be absolutely certain about the shelving space needed, be sure to take some measurements of all your accessories, leaving an inch of space between each one and on both sides.

Another factor is deciding on an open-shelf style or on a style that has doors. Some people like the idea of having closing doors for their accessories, but there is one downfall to this. Most remote control signals will not go through the doors. If you intend on using a remote control for your Blu-ray player, you will need to leave the doors open when it is in use.

When shopping for 50” TV stands, you will undoubtedly be looking at the price. Prices for large TV stands can be rather high. For this reason, it is best to look for the brand and model of TV stand that you would like to purchase at a traditional retail store, but when you are prepared to buy it, take a look at the competition online first. Online stores often offer the same 50” TV stands as the traditional stores and for less money. Be sure to factor in the price of shipping and handling to consider just how much money you can save. The only downside of shopping online, of course, is that you have to wait for the product to arrive.

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