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Sanus Tv Stand - Buying a Sanus TV Stand - About Sanus Systems, Types of Sanus TV Stands

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After spending a fortune on a new flat-screen TV, many people are loathe to spend too much more on a new TV stand. Such is the case, however, for most of us. We feel a state-of-the-art electrical appliance like a TV deserves to have the best. Often, our pocketbook disagrees. Luckily, it is possible to buy a TV stand without paying a lot of money. A Sanus TV stand fits just this bill.

About Sanus Systems

Sanus TV stands are built by Sanus Systems. Sanus originally founded in 1986, but did not gain much attention until it merged with a top competitor, Chief Manufacturing, in 2004. With sales booming, the company was bought by an investment corporation, the Duchossois Group, in 2008. Today, Sanus is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota with divisional headquarters throughout the world, including the Netherlands for European sales and China for Asian sales.

Types of Sanus TV Stands

Sanus Systems produces a number of audio/visual equipment accessories, speaker stands, AV racks, wall mounts, and the Sanus TV stand. Models of Sanus TV stand are categorized into one of the company’s twelve series:

Woodbrook Series – The Woodbrook Series of Sanus TV stand is made of a combination of strong hardwoods and tempered glass. These stands are highly customizable and include features such as glass or wood doors and a sleek, stylish design.

Component Series – This series was created especially for the audio enthusiast. These stands can accommodate complex systems of cables, hiding them expertly in wide channels. They are designed to have extremely good acoustics.

Java Series – The Java Series uses an aluminum frame with tempered glass shelves and doors. Some pieces offer oak veneers, fluted glass, and detachable backs.

Designer Series – This series was designed by Cramer Studio for manufacture by Sanus. The models feature smoked glass and mocha-colored hardwood to create the illusion of enclosure while still allowing remote controls to work without the doors open.

Natural Series – The Natural Series of Sanus TV stand uses solid hardwoods that have been crafted to fit steel hardware and thick tempered glass. This series is one of the company’s most durable. The constructed using the open-air design for maximum cooling.

Platinum Series – The Platinum Series was one of the company’s first designs made especially to accommodate flat-screen TVs. These TV stands have advanced cable management systems and tempered glass shelves. They are very sturdy and low-profile with a powder-coat finish.

Steel Series – The Steel Series includes Sanus Systems’ strongest TV stands. Tempered glass shelves are supported by a steel frame in an open-air design. Each model can be adjusted in height by expanding the feet.

Vertical Series – The Vertical Series is more of an AV stand than it is a TV stand. It is meant to be used on the side of or under a wall mount for all the components. It is a wall-mounted stand that is low-profile and slim, yet it has enough space for several accessories.

Flat Panel Series – The Flat Panel Series is just the Sanus name for their TV stand with mounting beam and brackets. The TV is mounted above the tempered glass shelves, allowing it to be adjusted left and right or tilted up and down.

Accurate Series – This series is sleek and modern. Black shelving is supported by steel beams in an open-architecture design that is easy to assemble and great to look at. This is a very affordable choice.

Euro Series – The Euro Series offers a modular design that can be expanded to be as large as needed. The open-air design is cool and cables are hidden in the rear channels.

Floor Stand Series – This series is actually an innovative method for being able to wall-mount a TV anywhere on any wall. The floor stand has legs so the TV is supported by the floor, making it unnecessary to find and use wall studs.

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