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Toshiba Tv Dvd Combo - Buying a Toshiba TV DVD Combo - Why a Toshiba TV DVD Combo?

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Although not many television manufacturers are still making combo units that incorporate a media player such as a VCR or DVD directly into the TV, a few companies still cater to those who prefer such a system. Toshiba is one of the most respected electronics companies in the world, and they still carry a selection of such systems in the form of LCD TV DVD combos.

Why a Toshiba TV DVD Combo?

Toshiba is a worldwide leader in manufacturing televisions, computers, and other electronics. They are known for their quality, innovation, and affordability. Toshiba’s history goes back over 135 years to 1875 when they were a telegraph equipment company in Japan. The founder was known as a talented inventor and soon the company expanded into a range of products. In 1939, a merger with Japan’s first electric light company sealed the fate of Toshiba as a name to be respected.

Today, Toshiba is largely responsible for innovations in superconductors and electronic chip production. Their electronics division is smaller, but they operate on every continent in the world except for Antarctica.

Models of Toshiba TV DVD Combo Systems

There are currently 14 different models of Toshiba TV DVD combo systems in production. The biggest problem with these systems is that they appeal to a very small demographic. The largest screen size available is 31.5 inches, and they range down to 15.6 inches. The reason why they don’t make them larger is because these combo units are known to have issues, and larger TVs have a hefty price tag. No one wants to buy a whole new TV because the DVD component broke. These systems have become a small niche item for those who need the ultimate in space-saving displays and portability. They are commonly purchased for offices, training centers, or as kitchen or bedroom units.

Here are the top models of Toshiba TV DVD combo systems:

15LV506 – This model was made especially for the kitchen. It is white so it matches with many kitchen appliances. It has a completely digital tuner that requires no upgrades for broadcast or cable TV viewing. It has one input for ColorStream HD components. This model lists at $279.99.

19LV612U – This is another model specifically designed for the kitchen. It has a stainless steel-colored design to blend into the décor of those who prefer this material for their kitchen appliances. This model has both an excellent picture and sound quality. The DVD player is slot-loading on the side of the system and can also play DivX video. It has a list price of $349.99.

19LV61K – This is from the Space Saver line of Toshiba TV DVD combo systems. This model features a sleek, black design that will look great in any setting: bedroom, living room, or office. It has a built-in tuner, slot-loading DVD player, and is DivX compatible. It lists for $379.99.

22LV61K – This is a larger model from the Space Saver series. This model is meant to effectively serve as a second flat-screen TV anywhere in the house. It has the same shiny, black design slot-loading loading DVD player, and digital tuner. The audio is compatible with both DTS and Dolby Digital. It can also playback DivX video, MP3 audio, and WMA.

26CV100U – This model of Toshiba DVD TV combo has a large screen for optimum viewing. It can be used as a primary or secondary television for those who just don’t like the clutter of component wires and cable hanging all over the place. The CV100U is glossy black and features a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels. It has a 3000:1 contrast ratio and advanced audio controls. It lists for $449.99.

32CV100U – This is the largest model of Toshiba DVD TV combo that is sold today. It’s exact screen size is 31.5”, and it is capable of 720p HD video playback. This is a great choice for a primary TV for the living room or a secondary TV for the bedroom. It has a list price of $519.99.

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