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Ge Cordless Phones - General Electric Cordless Phones - GE Cordless Phone Technologies

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One of the largest and most well known companies in the world is General Electric (GE). This company was founded by the famous inventor Thomas Edison in 1890, when he combined several of his businesses into one larger corporation. Although the company expanded and diversified in many directions through the 20th century and into the 21st, to many, it is still associated with the light bulb and other electric appliances, including telephones. In reality, GE sold its home electronics brand to Thomson, Inc. in 1987. Thomson continues to manufacture many products under the GE label.

GE cordless phones are one of the products manufactured by Thomson. These phones have come a long way in recent years. While just ten or fifteen years ago, cordless phones were often unreliable and static-y, new technologies like digitally enhanced cordless technology, enhancements for the hearing impaired, and cell phone and Skype integration have changed the face of cordless phones in recent years.

GE Cordless Phone Technologies

The problem with many cordless phones in the past has been interference from other electronic products in the home. Many older cordless phones had a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz or 900 Mhz, resulting in interference from many products like baby monitors, microwaves, and security systems. When phones with a bandwidth as high as 5.8 GHz are susceptible to wireless networks and other phones. However, many new GE cordless phones have a digitally enhanced cordless technology (DECT) with a dedicated bandwidth that enables the phones to operate with no outside interference.

Several other new technologies have enhanced GE cordless phones in recent years. First, amplified or hearing enhancement is available in several phone models. Phones with enhancement for mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss are all available. Another recent innovation is found in GE’s Cell Fusion products. With the Cell Fusion Gateway, you can link your cell phone to your GE cordless home phone by Bluetooth. Once the phones are linked, then any call to your cell phone will be routed to your home phone. Also, you do not even need to have a home line to use the Cell Fusion products. If you prefer, you can use a GE cordless phone that is linked to your cell account rather than using your cell phone at home.

More and more people have begun using programs like Skype or other VoIP (voice over internet protocols) to make regular phone calls. In recent years, GE cordless phones that can be integrated with your Skype account have been introduced. These phones come with a WiFi receiver that can connect your cordless phone to your Skype account without logging in at your computer. You can also use the same phone to make calls on your home line.

Most of these new technologies are used on more than one cordless phone. For example, the GE Skype DECT 6.0 cordless phone is integrated with Skype, has DECT to give a clear signal, and also is available with hearing enhancement.

Although many consumers have given up their home phone lines, this does not mean that they need to stop using GE cordless phones. With technologies like Cell Fusion and Skype integration, you can continue to use a familiar GE cordless phone with the newest and best technologies on the market.

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