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Gift Baskets New York - New York Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets Available from Chelsea Market

chelsea market available city

There are few gift items that cannot be found at Chelsea Market in New York City. This famous shopping center is built on the former site of the Nabisco company, where among other products, the Oreo cookie was invented. The market fills two whole city blocks between West 15th and 16th Streets and 9th, 10th, and 11th Avenues on the west side of Manhattan. Especially if your are looking for gift baskets, New York’s Chelsea Market is probably the best place to look. The best store to get baskets in Chelsea Market is Chelsea Market Baskets. This store offers a wide variety of gift baskets for just about any occasion or recipient.

Chelsea Market Basket’s offerings could be divided into any number of categories, but we will discuss them here according to price. There are a number of baskets available for $35 or less. A wedding gift basket that has New York staples like black and white cookies, truffles, Tyrrell’s chips, and pretzels in a NY subway map gift bag is available for $25. For $30, the Coffee Break gift basket includes a cinnamon walnut coffee cake and La Colombe coffee.

The next price range for New York gift baskets from Chelsea Market Basket is $35 to $80. For $40, the Hello New York gift basket is a good option for visitors to the Big Apple. It includes Bacon Brittle from Lower East Side restaurant, Chelsea Sweets hard candies, taxi cab treat, a Chelsea Market Baskets chocolate candy bar in a New York themed box. The Chelsea Market Sweets gift basket is available for about $80. This basket includes a pound of Ruthy’s Rugelach, two brownies, lemon poppy seed cake, Chelsea Market Basket hard candies, Belgian chocolates, and La Colombe coffee.

From $80 to $180, a wide variety of Chelsea Market gift baskets are available as well. For $90, the New York Nosh gift basket is full of well known New York treats. In it, you will find a pound of Ruthy’s Rugelach, New York style bagel chips, almond biscotti, a variety of Chelsea Market Basket chocolates, and La Colombe coffee. The perfect New York gift basket for the chocolate lover is the World Tour of Chocolate gift basket. With everything from New York City hot chocolate to San Francisco biscotti, along with chocolates from Belgium, France, England, and Scotland, this gift basket will satisfy any appetite.

Chelsea Market Baskets sells a number of baskets over $180. The ultimate New York gift basket, the New York Nostalgia basket, is available for $300. This gift basket comes in a box decorated with New York post cards and includes New York themed cookies, Eli’s crisp bread, black and white cookies, and a number of other New York treats. You will also find a bottle of apple ginger juice and an apple-shaped truffle box.

If you cannot make it to the Chelsea Market any time soon, gift baskets from Chelsea Market Basket are also available for order online. The baskets can be shipped via UPS anywhere in the country at various rates or can be delivered to a New York City address for $22 in Manhattan and $40 in other parts of the city.

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