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Television Production Jobs - Outlook for Television Production Jobs - Working in Television Production Jobs, Training and Salary for Television Production Jobs

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Television production jobs are some of the most sought-after jobs in the entertainment industry. TV producers use their talents and skills in order to bring shows from the idea stage onto the screen. They work in a range of locations and a range of TV studios that can include local broadcasting and newscasts, national networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, or cable TV networks.

Working in Television Production Jobs

TV producers are largely businessmen and entrepreneurs who are responsible for general visions and business strategies required to get a show on the air and keep it running smoothly. They are usually not involved in the creative process as much as directors and actors. In fact, a good producer will know when to let go and let the director and actors do their jobs.

Some of the responsibilities of television production jobs include the following:

Script reading and selection – in some cases producers may also be scriptwriters.
Initial development of concepts – Many TV shows begin with an idea from a producer or an idea that was pitched to a producer.
Financing – Producers are responsible for financing the cost of the show. If they don’t put up the capital themselves, they find investors or studios who are willing to do so.
Hiring – It is often a producer who hires a director. Producers may also hire actors, but this is usually done by casting agencies or the director.

There are several types of television production jobs. Many shows have a senior or executive producer and then several other producers working under him or her who are responsible for one of the specific tasks mentioned above. These producers can have titles such as assistant producer, associate producer, line producer, or simply producer. It is the responsibility of everyone in television production jobs to oversee and coordinate all of the work being done by everyone else involved with the show, including writers, managers, directors, actors’ agents, and outside agencies.

TV producers sometimes work on the set of their show, but depending on their duties, they may work from a remote office location. The work can be stressful at times, but this varies greatly by the amount of work available. Many assignments are very short-term. The only long-term assignments are those for daily and weekly shows. Even then, there may be a months-long break between seasons. Because of this, television producers often work on multiple television production jobs or in jobs in a completely different field to get them through the slow times.

Training and Salary for Television Production Jobs

There are no exact requirements for training or schooling for TV producers. Many TV producers are simply people who have experience in the field as actors, editors, writers, or directors. Some producers set out to be producers from the beginning, and they take college or vocational courses in management, business, or specialized courses in television production.

Television producers either work through a production company or they are self-employed. About 21 percent of people in the entertainment industry consider themselves to be self-employed. Most jobs for producers are in New York and Los Angeles, although local TV studios require producers throughout the U.S.

The outlook for television production jobs is on par with job growth in general. Through 2018, it is estimated that TV producer jobs will grow by 11 percent. The median salary of those in television production is $64,000, with the middle 50 percent earning $42,000 to $105,000.

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