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Gold Jewelry Sets - About Gold Jewelry Sets - Basic Info on Gold Jewelry Sets, Popular Types of Gold Jewelry Sets

Basic Info and Prices

carat available pure option

Throughout recorded history, the most valued and sought after precious metal has almost always been gold. From the earliest chapters of the biblical book of Genesis to the poems of the Greek poet Homer, gold was treasured in the ancient world above all other precious metals. In the modern world, gold continues to be a sought after metal and is probably the most common type of jewelry item. While some metals like platinum and titanium have been trendy materials for wedding rings, the vast majority of wedding rings continue to be made of gold. Along with wedding rings, other popular gold jewelry items are gold jewelry sets.

Basic Info on Gold Jewelry Sets

When considering a gold jewelry set, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of what types of gold are available in such sets. First, you need to consider whether you would like to find yellow or white gold. Pure gold is yellow in color and has traditionally been the most popular option for gold. White gold, which is made by mixing yellow gold with a lighter colored alloy, has also become a more popular option.

You will also need to consider the purity of the gold that that you would like in your gold jewelry set. In general, gold is available in 9 carats through 24 carats. While 24 carat gold is more or less 100% pure gold, lower carats represent lower purity levels. For example, 12 carat gold would be 50% pure and 18 carat gold 75% pure. As would be expected, the higher the carat, the more expensive the gold typically will be.

Popular Types of Gold Jewelry Sets

A wide variety of gold jewelry sets are available at both jewelry stores and department stores. Among the most popular types of jewelry sets, perhaps the most popular is the gold necklace coupled with gold earrings. These sets often have matching diamond or other jewels engraved and are typically of matching gold purity. As with most gold jewelry sets, prices on such sets can vary greatly. A matching 10 carat gold necklace and ear ring set can be found in the $125 range at many places. On the other hand, a 24 carat gold necklace and ear ring set could be thousands and thousands of dollars. Other popular gold jewelry sets include bracelets and sometimes broaches along with gold necklaces. These too can vary quite widely in their price ranges, from the low $100 range up to several thousand dollars.

When you are shopping for a gold jewelry set, online retailers can give you a general idea of the types of gold and different options available, but more often than not, you will need to see a gold jewelry set in person before buying it. Otherwise, you may find that your gold jewelry set looks quite different in person than it did online. With some major retailers, you might be able to see a gold jewelry set in the store and then buy it online. This option can often help you find a better deal.

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