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Gore Tex Outerwear - Gore Tex Outerwear - Development of Gore Tex, Gore Tex Outerwear

Basic Features and Products

fabric layer jacket material

Any person who spends much time outdoors during the winter and colder months will probably have some Gore Tex outerwear in their wardrobe. This material has become one of the most popular and reliable fabrics for making all sorts of outerwear.

Development of Gore Tex

Gore Tex fabric was invented in the early 1970s by Wilbert L. Gore and his son Robert W. Gore, along with Rowena Taylor. In 1976, Robert Gore successfully applied for a patent for the material.

The earliest forms of Gore Tex combined an outer nylon layer with a thin Teflon inner layer. This inner Teflon layer was damaged too easily, however, and a third polyurethane layer was added to the fabric. A fourth layer of loose fabric was added to the material to protect the inner fabrics. The fabric was found to be a flexible and reliable waterproof material. Gore Tex is now made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and is often included along with several other layers of fabric in outerwear. Quite often, Gore Tex outerwear can be on the expensive side, but products that are made with Gore Tex are often durable, warm, and generally reliable.

All of the companies that use Gore Tex in their outerwear are required to conform to the specific standards of the Gore Tex company. This includes the stipulation that garments made with the fabric have seals on the seams so that it does not leak, among other quality control standards.

In addition to its use in clothing, Gore Tex is also used for a number of medical purposes, including use as a prosthesis in the repair of torn anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligaments. Gore Tex can also play a role in preserving older and valuable manuscripts and is used as a coating for instrument strings.

Gore Tex Outerwear

A number of well known brands sell Gore Tex outerwear. The popular outdoor outfitter The North Face produces a number Gore Tex outerwear products. These include the Raging Viking Ltd Pant ($400), the Raging Viking Jacket ($550), and the Mountain Light Jacket ($300). Cabela’s Gore Tex outerwear includes the Outfitter Series GORE-TEX® Bib ($225), the Rainy River Parka ($120), and Guidewear Thinsulate Parka ($220). L. L. Bean outerwear that is made with Gore Tex includes the Ascent Jacket ($320), the Ascent Pant ($280), and the Wading Jacket ($325). Many other familiar clothing brands, such as Adidas, Asics, Bass Pro, Clarks, New Balance, Nike, Patagonia, Puma, and Timberland manufacture products that are made with Gore Tex. Other clothing items that are commonly made with Gore Tex include shoes, gloves, and hats.

There are a number of places to purchase Gore Tex outerwear. The Gore Tex company website is a good place to start. Once you have found the Gore Tex outerwear that interests you, you can then shop around at a number of online retailers to find the best price or visit your local department store to see if they have the products that you are interested in.

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