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Drug Addiction Support - Drug Addiction Support Group Guide - Alcohol, Narcotics, Cocaine, Next Steps

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Dealing with a drug addiction can be one of the hardest things that you or a loved one will ever do. It taxes your personal life, family life, and professional life like no other. Luckily, there are many support groups around the country that can lend a helping hand and a listening ear as you or your loved one overcome this obstacle. In this guide, we will focus on the largest national support groups that are likely to have meetings in your immediate area, but there may be local independent groups that can also help you. Check in the yellow pages or at your church or community center to ask about such programs in your area.


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most well-known addiction resources in the country, with local meetings taking place in almost every major city in the US. They do not claim affiliation with any political party, religious sect, or organization, and they do not collect dues from their members. To join, all you need is a desire to stop drinking. They offer a private community of support and fellowship with others who share your struggle.

Like Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon also uses a twelve step program, but this is designed for the friends and relatives of alcoholics. They also offer Alateen programs, which are specifically designed to help young people recover from alcohol abuse in the family. Al-Anon is made up of a fellowship of caring relatives and friends of alcohol addiction sufferers, and is designed to offer mutual support and encouragement where families need it most.


Narcotics Anonymous
With 3,000 meetings going on in twelve different countries, Narcotics Anonymous has grown into a massive support entity similar to AA. In fact, it started as a direct offshoot from Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1940’s. Narcotics Anonymous strives to offer hope to people struggling with addiction by giving them a frequent place to meet up with others who are just like them, trying to get clean. Narcotics Anonymous also collects no fees or membership dues.

Nar-anon is a service designed to help the relatives and friends of narcotics abusers by offering an open forum where they can come and discuss their experiences with those who share their problems. Its relationship to NA is similar to Al-Anon’s relationship to AA, as this organization is geared to offer support to those who are negatively affected by the actions of a narcotics-using spouse, friend, or relative. Nar-Anon does not collect dues or fees.


Cocaine Anonymous
Just like the other support groups, Cocaine Anonymous offers frequent free meetings across the globe where users can come to discuss their experiences trying to get and stay clean with others who have shared their addiction in the past. Like Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous was originally based on the Alcoholics Anonymous model (though they are not affiliated with them), using a 12 step program to help usher users to sobriety.

Next Steps

12 step programs can provide much-needed support to help you achieve sobriety. If you or a loved one feel the need to find more advanced treatment in the form of a drug rehab center or sober-living home, try an online directory like SoberRecovery.com to find more comprehensive services around you. Just be advised that some of these services can cost money to use, unlike local support groups. You can also ask at your church or community center for information on drug treatment facilities that are locally available to you.

That’s it for this guide to major drug addiction support groups. Use it to find a great local meeting group that could be the key to your recovery.

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