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32 Flat Panel Tv - Buying a 32" Flat Panel TV - Understanding a 32” Flat Panel TV

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At one time a 32” TV seemed like a big set. In today’s world of 60-inch TVs, a 32” flat panel TV is very modest. Many people will be comfortable with a 32” flat panel TV in their living room, but most people shopping for TVs are buying the 32” for a bedroom or as a second TV. This size of flat panel HDTV is priced very reasonably, but there are so many brands and models on the market, it can be difficult to make a decision without a lot of research. It also helps knowing the terminology before you go in to the store.

Understanding a 32” Flat Panel TV

The first thing to understand about a 32” flat panel TV is that almost all of them will be LCD HDTVs. Plasma TVs are rarely this screen size. For a plasma TV, you will have to look for screen sizes of 42” or larger.

The second thing to understand about a 32” flat panel TV is that there are several specifications that a salesman will try to push on you that are not really important at this screen size. Here are some of the specs that are not really very important:

  • Resolution – Resolution is important on big screens, but the smaller the screen, the less important it becomes. What is important to know for a 32” flat panel TV is that any HD resolution will work. This means a 720p television is just as good as a 1080p television at this screen size.
  • Contrast Ratio – Contrast ratio measures how dark the blacks get on the screen in comparison to the whites. The higher the ratio, the better the picture. The problem is that there is no industry-wide standard, so these numbers mean very little when comparing them from one brand to another. They can be helpful, however, when using them to compare different models produced by the same company.
  • Energy Star – Almost every TV made today is Energy Star compliant. Since they all meet the specifications for Energy Star, some brands don’t bother to show it. It is meaningless for TVs, but can be a good marker for other appliances.

There are still some specifications that are important when you are buying a 32” flat panel TV. Attention should be payed to the following specs:

  • Power Consumption – Although Energy Star compliance is useless, it doesn’t mean that power consumption is the same for all models of TV. Power consumption is worth checking out.
  • User Friendliness – Not all TVs operate with the same controls. TVs are so complex now, they require onscreen menus. Some brands have mind-baffling menu schemes, while others are very straightforward.
  • Manual Controls – Some TVs have abandoned the concept of letting users adjust all the settings manually. Some have presets that can be used for adjustments, but fine-tuning is impossible. If you like to fine-tune, then make sure it is available.
  • Inputs – Most people do not operate TVs alone. We have all kinds of components and accessories to improve our viewing experience. Make sure your TV has the correct inputs for your devices, or you will find yourself buying a bunch of expensive adapters or all-new accessories.

The Top Models of 32” Flat Panel TV

Here are the top models of 32” Flat Panel TVs that are on sale now:

Samsung UN32C6500

Samsung has been a leader in LCD TVs since the beginning. This model is edge-lit with LED lights and has very accurate colors. It has a resolution of 1080p, and picture controls are very specific. It includes internet connectivity for additional features, and its sleek styling works well with many different types of décor.

Sony Bravia KDL-32EX700

Sony is always a good choice for electronic audio-visual entertainment. This model features 1080p resolution, and it is very energy-efficient. Colors are accurate, and internet services include Netflix and Amazon Video. The menus are very easy to use and control.

Panasonic Viera TC-L32X1

Panasonic has been around quite awhile but has never taken off as a powerhouse of quality electronics. This model of TV, however, is perfect for those who are on a budget. It only has a 720p resolution, but colors are vibrant. This TV also has an iPod dock for playback and recharging.

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