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Disney Dvd Movies - The Best Ways to Get Disney DVD Movies - Cool Perks and New Tech, Run With the Hardcore Disney Fans

dvd’s favorite single collectibles

When you think of buying a new Disney DVD title, you might be inclined to imagine that all stores are the same, so it does not really make a difference where you go. But you would be sorely mistaken! While Disney DVD’s may be available almost everywhere, it is also true that your whole buying and viewing experience can change depending on where you go to get them. Here is a fun look at four top ways to get the most enjoyment out of every Disney DVD that you buy. You may find some ideas that you had never even considered before! Each one is geared to a specific type of viewer, so choose the one that fits you best.

Cool Perks and New Tech

Even some devoted fans do not realize this, but Disney.com alone provides plenty of creative ways to enjoy your favorite Disney DVD’s. Try out Disney Digital Copy, which lets you access your favorite movies straight from the disk, or transfer them to your iTunes/Windows Media Player instead! Or for hardcore Disney-heads, there is the Disney Movie Club, which lets you sign up for discounted DVD’s that will be delivered to your home every month. There is even a movie rewards club that lets you earn points on every Disney movie you buy, letting you get all kinds of special bonus rewards.

Run With the Hardcore Disney Fans

For those who have never been there, this site is like the IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) for Disney movies. For every single Disney title, this site has detailed casting information, release history, version history, movie reviews, technical details, and every single thing that you would ever care to know! The interface is easy to navigate, letting you find your favorite movies quickly and easily. For any hardcore Disney fan, DisneyDVDMovies.com should be an indispensable resource.

Quick and Convenient

Netflix commands a huge database of Disney movie titles, and many of them are even streaming online, which means they are available for you to watch any time through your internet connection at home. For those that are not streaming online, you can easily add them to your DVD queue. The DVD will be delivered to your home to watch at your convenience, and then you can return it for another. A Netflix account is a must-have for any movie fan, and Disney lovers are no exception!

Finding Original/Out of Circulation DVD’s and Collectibles

When it comes to tracking down hard-to-find original copies, out-of-circulation titles, or other Disney collectibles, eBay is the place to go! You would be amazed at what you can find in their collectibles section, and they even have an entire “neighborhood” devoted expressly to all things Disney! Keep a keen eye out for great deals, which happen every single day. For a pleasant walk down memory lane with rare Disney keepsakes, eBay is definitely your best bet.

That is it for this guide to fun and often-overlooked ways to enjoy your favorite Disney DVD movies. We hope you have found a new way to watch these classics that will liven up your next family movie night!

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