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Tv Antenna Indoor - Indoor TV Antenna Buying Guide - Advantages of a TV Antenna for Indoor Use

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TV antennas were once believed to be extinct, but with the advent of satellite television and digital HDTV broadcasts, antennas have once again become a necessity in some households. When satellite television systems such as DirecTV and Dish Network stopped carrying local broadcasts of the national network channels, people began to rediscover their antennae, and when they did so, they found that frequently their reception was as good as or better than that of the satellite channels.

There are two types of TV antennas: indoor and outdoor. Indoor TV antennas either rest on a sturdy tabletop base, or they come with another type of stand. It is generally accepted that outdoor antennas have the better reception, but many people cannot use outdoor antennas because they are in apartments, rentals, or another type of residence that doesn’t allow residents to attach things to the outside of the building.

A TV antenna for indoor use can be just as good as an external antenna in many cases. The effectiveness depends on several factors, including the following:

  • The higher you can position the antenna, the better. People on the first floor will most likely have worse reception than people on the tenth floor.
  • The closer you live to the source of the broadcast, the better the reception you will have. People living near broadcast towers can make do with TV antennas for indoor use.
  • The signal will differ depending on obstructions, such as mountains, hills, tree, and buildings – all of which can dampen the signal.
  • The bigger the antenna, the more it will pick up. This is one of the reasons outdoor antennas are so much better. An outdoor antenna is usually bigger than an indoor TV antenna.
  • Sometimes, the fancy-shaped antennas provide better reception than a plain pair of rabbit ears.

Advantages of a TV Antenna for Indoor Use

Although an outdoor antenna is usually better than a TV antenna for indoor use, the indoor TV antenna has several advantages. Indoor antennas require either very little installation or no installation at all. Sometimes you just have to open the box and plug it into the TV. Outdoor TV antennas always need to be installed.

Sometimes antennas need to be adjusted to get a picture. Outdoor antenna are extremely difficult to adjust, and almost impossible if it is raining or winter. An indoor TV antenna is easy to adjust. All it requires is for you to get up out of your chair.

A TV antenna for indoor use is relatively inexpensive. Some people simply don’t have it in their budget for an outdoor antenna. Some indoor antennas can be purchased for under $20.

Types of TV Antenna for Indoor Use

There are several different types of antenna for indoor use that are being sold today. Each has a slightly different capability.

  • Directional Antennas – These antennas have to be pointed toward the source of the television broadcast signal. Directional antennas usually require the most adjustment. Some people have to adjust them for every channel.
  • Multidirectional Indoor Antennas – These antennas can pick up a signal no matter which direction it is coming from. These are perfect when you live close to most of the towers, but they are in more than one direction.
  • VHF and UHF Antennas – Each of these bands has a different type of antenna that works best for it. VHF antennas are designed for channels 2 through 13, and UHF antennas are best for 14 through 83.
  • HD Antennas – These antennas rarely appear to be anything but a regular antenna, but they are designed to pick up HDTV signals.
  • Amplified Antennas – An amplified antenna has a special electronic signal booster in the antenna that can help capture the signals needs for a picture and sound. These are best used for people who live far away from the broadcast source.
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