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Disney Coloring Page - Bored Kids? Try a Disney Coloring Page! - Online Fun, Free Educational Coloring Pages, Disney’s Family Fun Coloring Pages

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If you are looking for some fun activities to help your little ones pass the time (and help you get some quiet time), a Disney coloring page is a great way to do it. You can find them readily available for free online. You may not realize it, but for some sites you do not even need a printer! Your child can color in the lines using a program built right into the web site. If you are unsure of where to start, check out some of the links listed in this guide to help you find thousands of free, easily-accessible pages that are there for you any time!

Online Fun

Of course, when it comes to online Disney coloring pages, the Official Disney Site deserves a mention. They have crafted an entire section for preschool/kindergarten children that allows them to play Disney games, make Disney Arts and Crafts, and of course, color their favorite Disney scenes. They offer a large database of printable coloring pages from all of their major animated titles, and many offer the option to color them in right on the web site! The Disney.com preschoolers section is a great resource for a huge variety of entertaining activities that your kids will love.

Free Educational Coloring Pages

This educational coloring pages web site features a huge variety of Disney coloring pages as well as other popular cartoons. You can find Pokemon, Dora the Explorer, Yu-Gi-Oh, and just about every popular cartoon series here, organized logically into coloring books for boys, girls, preschoolers, etc. You can also sign up for their free newsletter, which keep you updated on new and upcoming coloring pages every week. And as a bonus for signing up, you will get a free Disney coloring book! Not a bad preposition.

Disney’s Family Fun Coloring Pages

Many parents do not know this, but Disney sponsors a “family fun” web site that offers all kinds of ideas for family activities, crafts, games, and yes, coloring pages! Visit them to find coloring pages that do not necessarily include images of Disney cartoon stars. The departure from Disney character-inundated materials is a refreshing change of pace for many families. Disney’s Family Fun web site focuses on a more general appeal for its coloring books, like fun circus imagery, pirate pictures, and beach-side fun. The other games and activities follow the same principle. Your kids can learn traditional origami, play memory and matching games, and take fun quizzes that aren’t plastered with the Disney brand. This is an excellent resource for any family in need of wholesome entertainment. Many activities and games can be printed out for later use, or your kids can play them right from the computer.

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Hello Kids is a large web site with plenty of kids’ activities and coloring pages, and there is definitely no shortage of Disney images! They devote a large section of their site to Disney cartoons, offering almost 1,500 free coloring pages. They also include the option to color these pages online. Some parents may have an issue with frequent advertisements targeted at their children, which does tend to happen on sites like this that are built for a youth user base. But it still can provide a good resource for watchful parents to use with their kids, offering a large variety of fun activities.

That’s it for this introduction to online Disney coloring pages. Visit these sites to find new and interesting ways to keep your kids entertained, and find activities that the whole family will enjoy!

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