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Toshiba Flat Panel Tv - Buying a Toshiba Flat Panel TV - About Toshiba Flat Panel TVs, Models of Toshiba Flat Panel TV

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If you are looking into buying a new TV, there is no doubt that you will run across the Toshiba brand name. Toshiba is one of the leading manufacturers of TVs and electronics in the world. Sales of their TVs have been among the highest of any manufacturer. A Toshiba flat panel TV is available in most any size, any budget, and for any situation.

About Toshiba Flat Panel TVs

Toshiba is one of the oldest electronics manufacturers in the world. It was first established in Japan in 1875 as a telegraph equipment company. In 1939 it merged with the first Japanese company to manufacture light bulbs. The official name of the company was Tokyo Shibaura Denki, but was informally known as Toshiba. In 1978, they finally made this their official business name. Toshiba is the inventor of the DVD, which was first marketed in 1996, and in 1998, they made a flat panel TV called the FACE.

Models of Toshiba Flat Panel TV

There are several models of Toshiba Flat Panel TV currently on the market. They are divided into three distinct categories: LED TV, LCD TV, and LCD/DVD Combo.


The most expensive and most advanced Toshiba Flat Panel TV on the market is the LED TV. They are available in three different series’ and range in size from 18.5” to 54.6”.

  • SL400 – The Toshiba SL400 Series is available in 4 sizes: 18.5”, 21.6”, 26.0”, 31.5”. Features include a patented DynaLight Dynamic Back-light Control and a Cinespeed LCD panel. Other features are the TheaterWide modes, color temperature control, and digital tuning. The sound system is completely hidden, and the inputs include HDMI, Rear A/V, ColorStream HD Component, PC D-Sub, and USB. These models also have Dolby Digital outputs.
  • UX600 – The UX600 series is a step up from the SL400. Models feature 1080p resolution, ClearFrame 120 Hz refresh rate and anti-blur system, Dolby Digital sound with Audyssey EQ, and Wi-Fi capability. Contrast ratio is 3 million:1.
  • Regza Cinema Series – This is the most advanced TV that Toshiba produces. It features the FocaLight LED backlighing system, 2 million:1 contrast ratio, ClearScan 240, 10-bit LCD panel, and PixelPure 5G, and internal digital video processing component.


The selection of LCD Toshiba flat panel TV is so extensive, they cannot all be listed here. Sizes range from 18.5” to 54.6”.

  • RV525 – This series uses 1080p resolution, CineSpeed display, and DynaLight backlight control. These also have built-in digital tuning, 3 HDMI inputs, and 1 PC input.
  • SV670 – This is part of the REGZACinema Series. It uses FocaLight LED backlighting, Clearscan 240, and is officially certified to work with DivX video and audio.
  • G300 – This series is made for those who enjoy action, whether it is live sports or action-packed movies. Models in the series include features such as ClearFrame 120 Hz refresh rates, Anti-Blur technology, and DynaLight Dynamic Backlight Control.


Toshiba makes some of the best LCD/DVD combo televisions of any manufacturer. They are available in sizes ranging from 15.6” to 31.5”. They come in 2 different series’: the CV and the LV series. The CV series has more features and the LV series has the better prices.

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