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Digital Photography Printer - Finding the Best Digital Photography Printer For You - Standard Digital Photo Printers, Multi-Function Printers, Compact Portable Photo Printers

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Looking for a great printer to make high-quality prints of your digital photos? Today our options are as varied as ever, so it can be tricky to choose the one printer that will meet all of your needs. But look on the bright side – with all the advancements in technology, photo printer quality has gone way up and the cost has come way down. Here is a guide to show you the basic categories of photo printers that you can expect to see in the stores, along with an example of each category. Use these tips to get an idea of what is out there, and what features you need most from your future printer of choice.

Standard Digital Photo Printers

Standard digital photo printers are made to do just that – print digital photos, and nothing else. This used to be the only way to get good quality picture prints at home, because normal printers did not have the capacity to do it. Today, the lines between photo and regular printers have blurred, but you can still find devoted digital photo printers like the Epson PictureMate Charm. If you already have a normal (non-photo) printer, then this is a great way to guarantee lab-quality photos at a reasonable price without buying a load of other features that you do not need. The advantage of these printers is twofold: simplicity and quality. Simplicity because you do not have to worry about other printer functions getting in the way or possibly malfunctioning. And quality because these printers are made expressly for this one purpose, and on the whole they tend to offer better quality prints than multi-function devices.

Multi-Function Printers

In recent years, more and more companies have been coming out with all-in-one printer models that can do just about anything. The popular versions are print-scan-copy machines, which sometimes even offer fax and email capabilities. Many of these models, like the HP Photosmart e-All-in-One, also offer high-quality photo printing. Even with all of this technology, you can still find solid printer models for under $100. These models offer reliable performance and reasonably impressive handling of all their functions, making them a viable economic choice for those who want more than just a single-function photo printer. If you already have a normal printer or will not ever use the other functions, however, then we advise going with either a standard or a compact version.

Compact Portable Photo Printers

Compact printers like the Canon SELPHY Series offer a fun way to take photo printing capabilities with you wherever you go, so you can make prints on the spot for friends and family. These models are made to be easily transported and fun to use. Many offer on-printer editing and photo storage, not to mention direct connections to your digital camera or memory card, which eliminates the need for a computer altogether. Canon’s SELPHY line is geared towards on-the-go families and photo junkies, so they offer easy-to-use interfaces that let you add speech bubbles, graphics, and other fun touches to your pictures before they print. Compact photo printers can vary in quality, but they are usually very inexpensive. That combined with the self-sufficient (computerless) operation make them a tempting, easy-access product for many consumers.

Note: While you are deciding what printer works best for you, try an online service like SnapFish that lets you upload your digital photos and have them printed professionally for a relatively low price. Most services offer the choice of home delivery or in-store pickup at a major retailer. Plus, you get the option of creating fun photobooks and other merchandise. If you get addicted to a service like this, you may decide to drop the photo printer purchase altogether!

That’s it for this introduction to digital photography printer categories. Use this guide to help you navigate to the ideal machine for your needs. Soon enough, you’ll be printing out your most treasured memories from the comfort of your own home!

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