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Digital Camera Chargers - How to Find Replacement Digital Camera Chargers - Initial Considerations, Name Brand vs. Generic, Travel Chargers, Solar Chargers

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Are you looking for a replacement charger for your digital camera? Because of the long life of most rechargeable camera batteries, it can be easy to lose them between charges. Or maybe you are out on vacation and simply forgot to bring it along. Whatever the case, there is no need to worry. There are a lot of options out there for finding a new charger, some of which are much cooler than you might expect! Check out this guide for tips on selecting the right charger that will work with your camera battery.

Initial Considerations

First, it is important that you know the make and model of your camera, because battery shapes and sizes can vary greatly between different manufacturers. Look at your camera or its manual to get the exact model name.

If you decide to get a generic or universal charger, you should also know what kind of battery your camera has. Rechargeable batteries are usually lithium-ion or nickel-metal hydride. You can find out which yours is by taking it out of the camera and looking for the battery type abbreviation – Li-ion for lithium-ion or NiMH for nickel-metal hydride. Also note the voltage on your battery pack.

Name Brand vs. Generic

Hands-down, the surest way to pick a charger that will work with your battery is to simply find a replacement charger from your camera’s manufacturer. Look on their web site for a replacement charger. They should have your exact model or series listed as a compatible camera type.

However, this is not always an option if you are stranded out on vacation with a dead camera. Manufacturers also tend to attach premium pricing to replacement products direct from the factory, so going generic can be a viable option for many mainstream camera owners who want to save some money.

When choosing a generic charger, the best way to be sure of its compatibility is to find one that lists your specific camera series or model name. However, that does not always happen! If you find one that claims to be “universal”, at least make sure that the battery type and voltage match with yours. Battery shape and size is also a potential issue – make sure that your new charger at least says that it can support your camera manufacturer. (Sony, Olympus, Canon, etc.)

Travel Chargers

Many times you can find travel-sized camera battery chargers that offer compact sizes and car-charging attachments. These can be extremely handy on long trips, especially when you are doing a lot of driving. When considering one of these, just make sure to follow the above guidelines to find a compatible charger for your battery.

Also note that sometimes camera have the option to accept NiMH rechargeable batteries as well as standard AA batteries. In which case, you can easily hold out until you make it back home (or until your new charger arrives in the mail) by using the readily-available disposable AA’s.

Solar Chargers

Finally, there is one super-cool way to charge just about any of your electronic gadgets for free! Recently a lot of user-friendly solar-powered chargers have been showing up on the electronics scene and gaining significant popularity. Many offer a load of adapters and charging stations for all of the most common electronic devices. While there probably will not be a charging tray for your specific camera battery, there probably will be a standard power adapter that attaches to your existing charging tray just fine. That way, you can charge your camera literally anywhere there is sunshine. Many models come with built-in batteries, which eliminates the need to leave your camera out in the sun all day together with the charger. Instead, you just leave the solar charger out all day to build up a full charge, and then plug it into your camera’s charging station during the night to transfer all that juice somewhere useful.

That’s it for this guide to finding replacement digital camera chargers that will no’t blow up your battery. Follow these tips to help you find the best charger to meet your needs, whatever they may be. You will be taking photos again in no time!

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