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Samsung Hdtv Television - Buying a Samsung HDTV Television - About Samsung HDTV Television, Models of Samsung HDTV Television

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Buying a new TV is an exciting experience, but it is not as simple as it was only a decade before. The new generation of flat-screen, high-definition televisions have brought us a whole new spectrum of specifications to consider. It is no longer good enough to just choose a size and go with it. Brand name and reputation is more important than ever because even small discrepancies between models and technology are much more noticeable in the world of high-definition. One brand that has been trusted by millions, year after year, is Samsung. Samsung HDTV television technology is among the highest-rated in the market, and anyone searching for a new television would do themselves well by considering this top brand.

About Samsung HDTV Television

Samsung was founded in Korea way back in 1938 as a dried-foods exporter. A decade later, the company, whose name means “three stars” in Korean, began milling flour and manufacturing candy-making machines. Food equipment manufacturing eventually led to the establishment of the Samsung-Sanyo Electronics Division in 1969, and in 1970, they produced their first black & white TV.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Samsung briefly delved into the textile industry, but made much greater strides in electronics. Six years after their first TV was sold, they hit the one-million mark, and in 1977, they began export of color televisions. By 1989, they reached 10 million color TVs sold.

In the 1990s, Samsung began developing computer technology, and this was incorporated into their TVs. They produced the world’s first digital TV in 1998 and Samsung HDTV television came soon afterward. In 2009, Samsung TV innovations were greater than any other year and the company reached net sales of over $173 billion.

Models of Samsung HDTV Television

Samsung HDTV television models are categorized into all three of the leading high-definition technologies: LED, LCD, and Plasma.

LED – Samsung LED television uses LED backlighting against an LCD panel for unprecedented picture quality. LED TVs have low power consumption and use internet technology to create an advanced user experience.

• 4000 Series – The 4000 series has the basic models of Samsung HDTV television. Sizes range from 19” to 32”. Refresh rate is 60 Hz, contrast ratio is 2 million:1, and depth is 1.2”.
• 5000 Series – The 5000 series come in sizes from 32” to 55”. They have 60 Hz refresh rates and 3 million:1 contrast ratios.
• 6300 Series – This series comes in sizes ranging from 40” to 60”. The refresh rate is 120 Hz, and contrast ratio is 4 million:1.
• 6500 Series – This series is a step up from the 6300 with 5 million:1 contrast and the inclusion of Samsung Apps.
• 6800 Series – The 6800 Series has a 7 million:1 contrast, wood grain finish, Samsung Apps, and precision dimming.
• 7000 Series – This series has a 240 Hz refresh rate, 6 million:1 constrast, Samsung Apps, and is 3D capable.
• 8000 Series – The 8000 Series features 3D capability, Samsung Apps, precision dimming, 240 Hz refresh rate, and 8 million:1 contrast.
• 9000 Series – This top line of Samsung HDTV television is only .3” deep and offers the following features: 240 Hz refresh rate, 6 million:1 contrast, 3D capable, Samsung Apps, touchscreen remote control, included ultra slim wall mount, and USB wireless adapter.

LCD – Samsung LCD TVs are among the top sellers in their category. They offer users sharp, detailed pictures and smooth motion technology.

• 350 Series – This series comes in sizes from 19” to 32”. Refresh rate is 60 Hz, and contrast ratio is 35,000:1.
• 450 Series – These models feature 2 extra HDMI ports and a 60,000:1 contrast ratio.
• 530 Series – The 530 Series is the same as the 450, but the contrast is up to 80,000:1.
• 540 Series – The 540 Series adds an HDMI port to the 530 Series.
• 550 Series – The 550 Series features All Share technology and a 90,000:1 contrast ratio.
• 560 Series – This series features Samsung Apps, All Share, and a 120 Hz refresh rate.
• 610 Series – This series offers the same features of the 560 but with a contrast ratio of 120,000:1.
• 630 Series – This series adds a model with a 60” screen.
• 650 Series – The 650 Series ups the contrast ratio to 150,000:1.
• 750 Series – This series is only available in a 46” model. It features 3D capability, Samsung Apps, 240 Hz refresh rate, and a contrast ratio of 200,000:1.

Plasma – Samsung plasma TVs have a slim and elegant design with high contrast ratios and smooth motion.

• 430 Series – This series has BD Wise technology and comes in 42” and 50” models.
• 450 Series – This series features SRS TruSurround HD.
• 490 Series – The 490 is 3D capable, has BD Wise, and has SRS TruSurround HD audio.
• 500 Series – The 500 Series offers features similar to the 450 Series.
• 600 Series – The 600 Series has the features of the 500 Series but is 3D capable.
• 6000 Series – The 6000 Series offers the same Samsung features but with a slimmer design.
• 7000 Series – This series is 3D capable and includes Samsung Apps.
• 8000 Series – This is the top Samsung series of plasma TV.

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