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Television Dvd Combo - Benefits of a Television DVD Combo - The Top Models of Television DVD Combo Sets

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Television combo devices are nothing new. Over 25 years ago, the television/VCR combo debuted. These were usually portable models of old-style cathode-ray tube TVs with screen sizes of 19” or less combined with a VHS VCR. Technology has progressed since then, but the concept of a combo television has remained popular with some people.

Today, LCD flat-panel TVs have taken control of the landscape and VCRs are all but unknown. Movies studios no longer even put out movies on videocassette. DVDs are now the preferred method for viewing movies, so the natural progression of technology has been the advent of the LCD television DVD combo.

The LCD television DVD combo lit up the market for quite a few years, but recently their popularity has leveled out. However, they are still quite popular in smaller screen sizes. While some television DVD combo sets can be found in 32” models, the 19” and 20” models have experienced much higher sales.

There are several benefits and advantages of a television DVD combo, the biggest of which is space savings. These units are very compact and no larger than a standard LCD television of the same size. With a separate TV and DVD player, you need to have an extra shelf or some other place in which to put the extra unit.

The next benefit of owning a television DVD combo is portability. These sets are perfect for when you need a TV in several other rooms, but never at the same time. The set can be moved from room to room as needed.

Television DVD combo sets are also great for office settings. Thousands of companies use these sets in their offices and training centers because they don’t have to hassle with connecting and disconnecting the DVD players for set up. They can also fit easily into storage to be pulled out and used whenever they are required.

Another benefit of television DVD combos is that they usually cost less than buying each component separately. Some brands and models can be purchased for just a few dollars more than a standard LCD of the same size.

The Top Models of Television DVD Combo Sets

While most of the top brands have a series of television DVD combo units, some are better than others. Here are the top three models:

Toshiba 32CV100U

This is one of the larger television DVD combos. The 32” widescreen is the perfect size for a bedroom, living room, or even a dorm room. Toshiba has been regarded as the top manufacturer of these TVs. This one has 720p resolution, a 10-watt per channel sound amplifier, and lists for $469.99.

Sony KDL-40EX40B

Not many television DVD combo sets go beyond 32” except for this one. It has a whopping 40” screen and full 1080p resolution. Technically, it does not have a DVD player. It is one step up with a built-in Blu-ray player that also plays standard DVDs. This TV also connects to the internet for updates and for streaming movies from services such as Netflix. This TV lists at $899.99.

ViewSonic N2201w

The ViewSonic is a budget model with a smaller screen, but at 22”, it is slightly bigger than the more popular 20” models. This HDTV as a resolution of 1,680 × 1050, making it better than 720p TVs, but slightly short of 1080p. This TV also has a PC input so it can double as a computer monitor. This model lists for $349.99.

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