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15 Flat Screen Tv - Buying a 15" Flat Screen TV - The Top Models of 15” Flat Screen TV

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When we think of TVs, bigger is usually better, but there are many occasions and settings in which big TVs are either not possible or not practical. Small, portable TVs are nothing new. They have been around for some time in sizes ranging from 2-inches and up. Of course, with the old technology, these TVs were bulkier than their small screen size would suggest and they also were not known for getting the best reception.

Today, ultraportable TVs have the advantage of being able to use LCD screens instead of cathode ray tubes. This has made small TVs more streamlined, slim, and lightweight. Because much of the bulk has been reduced, portable TVs can have larger screens without being very large or heavy. A standard among small televisions today is the 15” flat screen TV.

A 15” flat screen TV is the perfect size for kitchens, offices, and for children’s bedrooms. Some models are even made to fit under kitchen cabinets to save even more space. Most of these TVs, however, have a stand and sit on a counter, table, or shelf just like most other TVs. Many also have the option of wall mounting.

Since the technology required for a 15” flat screen TV is easy to reproduce, several fringe brands have models of televisions for sale of this size that work perfectly well and have very high-quality pictures. These same brands, however, do not have the state-of-the-art technology required for larger, more expensive HDTVs. This adds two factors to the standard TV shopping experience. First, it greatly widens the number of possible brands from which to choose. This means that comparison shopping can take some extra time. The second factor is that these TVs can be very inexpensive, so people care less about brand name and extra features as long as the price is right.

The Top Models of 15” Flat Screen TV

While many models of 15” flat screen TV could suit your needs, a few stand out above the rest:

Toshiba 15LV505

This 15.6” TV incorporates a DVD player into its slim design. Toshiba is known for manufacturing the top models of these combo devices. The display on this model is clear with rich, vibrant colors. The menus are easy to navigate, and setup can be completed inside of a single minute. A full function remote control is included and inputs include coaxial, S-video, RCA, and component. There is no HDMI input, but this is fine since the DVD player is already built-in. The contrast ratio is 800:1, and the resolution is 1366 × 768. The DVD player plays not only DVD movies, but also MP3s, WMA audio, and display JPEG photographs.

Coby TFTV1525

Coby is not a brand you would trust for a larger TV meant for the living room, but this 15” flat screen television is one of the best for the money. This compact TV is both lightweight and stylish. It is easy to setup and fits even on small countertops. It can also be used in conjunction with a flip-down mounting system. This 15.6” TV has inputs for HDMI, RCA, component video, coaxial, S-video, and 15-pin VGA PC. The resolution is 1366 × 768 pixels.


This is a wireless TV from LG that makes it perfect for those who need portability. Instead of connecting a cable line or antenna, you simply connect a separate base unit wherever it is most comfortable, and the signal is then transmitted to the TV wirelessly. The transmitter has a 50-foot range and can also accommodate a DVD player or gaming system. The 15” screen has a 400:1 contrast ratio and comes with a battery that can last for up to two hours.

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