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Lcd Flat Panel Tvs - Benefits of LCD Flat Panel TVs

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If you have recently been browsing in the HDTV section of your local electronics store, chances are a salesperson has asked you a few simple questions about your viewing preferences and environment. Depending on your answers, you will be steered toward one of two types of HDTVs: LCD Flat Panel TVs or Plasma TVs. Those who are just being introduced to the world of high-definition television can easily find themselves confused over which of the two to consider.

LCD Flat Panel TVs are more versatile than plasma TVs. Different models will fit most anyone’s viewing habits and home. In order to make sure you are choosing the right TV for you, it is best to go into a store armed with a few basic facts about LCD HDTVs.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TVs have flat screens and slim, sleek designs. They work by trapping a solution of liquid crystals between two thin sheets of glass. The liquid crystals are divided into a matrix of tiny dots known as pixels. Light and electric pulses are introduced to the liquid crystals in each pixel that cause them to emit different colors of light. Each pixel has red, green, and blue subpixels. Varying degrees of these three colors can produce a total spectrum of 16.8 million different shades. When the colors of each pixel combine, they form the images on the screen.

There are several benefits and advantages of LCD flat panel TVs. LCD TVs produce high-quality images that are pleasing to the eyes. They can produce rich colors that can be viewed in varying degrees of ambient light. The picture is diminished very little from bright sunlight or lamps reflecting in your field of vision. Eyestrain is extremely rare with LCDs.

Many newer LCD TVs feature a new system of LED backlighting instead of fluorescent side lighting that produces even deeper black levels and a richer viewing experience. The viewing angle of newer LCD flat panel TVs is much improved over the older models. Newer models allow an angle of viewing similar to plasma TVs at 160-degrees.

LCD TVs have clear pictures without the scan lines of conventional TVs. Response time of screen refreshing has improved to a level to where the frame rate creates smooth movement, even in the fast action sequences of live sporting events and action movies. The standard refresh rate has long been 60 Hz, but LCD TVs can double or quadruple that rate to 120 Hz or 240 Hz. The number of Hz is the number of times the screen refreshes every second.

Today’s LCD TVs have wider screens than the old TVs. Old TVs had a screen ratio of 4:3. New, widescreen LCD flat panel TVs have a screen ratio of 16:9.

LCD TVs have a long lifespan and are very versatile. They are great for displaying high-definition television, standard-definition television, computer output, video games, and home video. Most models of LCD TVs have multiple inputs so all types of devices can be connected.

The average lifespan of LCD flat panel TVs is 60,000 hours. That means if you leave the TV on for 24 hours per day it would last for 7 years. This means that even if you watch TV 6 hours per day, your LCD screen can last up to 28 years, although the practical lifespan is thought to be about 20 years at 8 hours of viewing per day. Colors with fluorescent-lit LCDs will begin to diminish as the bulbs age, but LED-lit TVs do not suffer from this drawback.

Unlike older CRT TVs, LCD TVs do not suffer from image burn-in. With the proper care, an LCD TV screen will be just as clear as it was the day it was manufactured. LCD flat panel TVs are also very light when compared to older TVs and even plasma TVs. This makes installation easier and can save you on shipping costs should you buy online.

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