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Flat Screen Tv S - Important Considerations when Buying LCD Flat Screen TVs

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Even if you already know how a flat screen TV LCD display works and all of its advantages over old CRT TVs and Plasma TVs, there are still many important factors to consider before making a purchase. Many people consider only the technical specifications when they are buying flat screen LCD TVs, and they determine a screen size by how much they can afford. While this may provide adequate results with your purchase, it will not guarantee you make the best choice of flat screens. TV models that work best for you require that several other factors be considered.

Now that large flat screen TVs are becoming commonplace, more and more people are able to afford TV flat screens up to 60” in diameter, where once 27” displays were considered large. However, unbeknownst to most TV buyers, larger is not always better. It all depends on the size and shape of your viewing room. Every TV has an optimal viewing range based on the size of the screen. If you sit too close, you may be able to see too much of the pixel structure instead of whole images. If you sit too far, you may not catch all of the details. The optimal viewing range for flat screen TVs is as follows:

• 20” – 27” screens = 2.5’ – 5’ viewing range.
• 32” – 37” screens = 6’ – 8’ viewing range.
• 42” – 46” screens = 10’ – 14’ viewing range.
• 50” and larger screens = 12’ – 16’ viewing range.

Another factor to consider when buying flat screen LCD TVs is how you are going to set up and install the television. There was a time when you just set the TV on a stand or on the floor in the case of console televisions. The new flat screen TV with LCD display gives you several more options. This means that you no longer have to fix a TV in a certain position on an immovable piece of furniture and choose other furniture and décor based on that placement. You can put the TV wherever you wish so that it fits with your style and décor without having to compromise any placement.

Here are the different ways in which flat screen TVs can be installed:

• Traditional TV stand – This piece of furniture includes the old standard entertainment center with shelves for components and sometimes other décor. Even large, flat-screen TVs come with a base for setting on a stand. However, this is not the most stable way in which to install a TV. It can easily be toppled or knocked down.
• Standard Wall Mount – The large flat screens of these TVs allow them to be easily mounted directly to a wall with a bracket mount that affixes to the wall studs for support. Once mounted no movement of the TV is possible.
• Tilting Wall Mount – A tilting wall mount allows you to adjust the vertical tilt if the TV has to be placed above standard eye-level.
• Articulating Wall Mount – This type of wall mount consists of an arm that swings out that brings the TV away from the wall. It can then be angled to either side for multiple viewing options.
• Ceiling Mount – LCD flat screen TVs can be hung from a ceiling when the wall is unable to support its weight.

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