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Best Tv Prices - How to Get the Best TV Prices

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If you haven’t purchased a new TV in quite some time, you are in for a bit of a surprise. TV shopping has changed quite a bit in the last decade. It was once possible to have a brand you like, a budget in mind, and come out of a store with the biggest screen size you can afford. That was the long and the short of it. Today’s HDTVs have opened a whole new realm of specifications and features that can take an eon to compare and consider.

Even though the TV shopping experience has changed dramatically, one thing remains the same: the two biggest factors for shoppers looking to purchase a new TV are price and screen size. Along with all of the new specs for your consideration, the first difference in HDTVs that you will discover is the price. Along with the added features and picture quality, the price of TVs has soared to two or three times the price of the old models. For many, this causes a level of shock that can be very off-putting. This makes it important to know a few guidelines about how to get the best TV prices.

TV buying was once done only in a traditional retail store. Now, the best TV prices are often found in virtual stores online, but not always. If money is a factor for you, as it is for most people, you will be pleased to learn that one of the basic rules of getting the best TV prices is that it can always be found for less.

Before thinking about price, it is best to find a model of TV that fits your needs. Once you have considered all the specifications, features, and size, only then should you fixate on the price. If you want to get the best TV prices, you must put in a little extra work. For some people, this is a pleasure. For others, it can be a huge hassle.

The first thing to do to get the best TV prices is to check reputable stores online. This means big names such as Amazon, TigerDirect, Newegg, and even big-box store sites. Look for the specific model you have chosen and see who has the best price. You will have to factor in extra costs such as shipping and handling. Once you are armed with this knowledge, you can go out to your local electronics stores and see how they compare.

For the most part, your local electronics stores will not have the best TV prices, but weekly or holiday sales can provide a big exception to this rule. If your model is on sale, you can enjoy the benefits of being able to get a better price and to take it home the day you pay for it.

If you go to your local stores and find that the online prices are still better, you still have the option of haggling. Many big stores have a policy of matching or beating the prices of the competition. Find a salesperson and begin a rapport with them. Let them know that you are prepared to leave the store with a purchase if they can meet the lowest price you have researched online. If they are reluctant, ask to speak to a manager. Managers have much more authority is negotiating prices than do the floor salespeople. Let them know that don’t care about shipping time and if they can’t beat the price, they will not get the sale.

It is surprising how many people will simply look at a price tag and go with whatever it says, especially in situations where the store has commissioned salespeople and the items are high-dollar electronics. The marketplace for electronics is one of the most competitive retail markets in the U.S., so TV prices are in favor of the buyer. Even if you don’t like to haggle, just ask flat out. It never hurts to ask, especially if it means that you can get the best TV prices possible.

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about 6 years ago

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