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Free Tarot Reading Online - Options for Free Tarot Reading Online

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Finding free tarot reading online is both easy and difficult: easy, in that plenty of web sites offer programs that represent in-person tarot; and difficult, in that few tarot readers are immediately available to perform live readings.

Even though live tarot readers aren’t exactly on-call, they can be sought out on amateur tarot forums like Tarot Forum, Tarot dot Com, and others. These sites provide a community to collectors, enthusiasts, and practitioners where casual readers can sometimes be found to provide readings. Though signing up and immediately begging for readings would be bad form, active community members can network with readers and work toward engaging in some free tarot reading online.

This rather limited resource is the only source of live readers—other sites charge rates comparable to psychic hotlines to connect with a live reader. If forums do not sound appealing, then the only other option are pre-programmed tarot sites.

The first issue is, of course, how valid one considers these readings. The absence of a physical connection on either side of the computer can add considerable skepticism to these readings. Indeed, some sites, like Façade, specifically state that their free online readings are for entertainment only. The programs are, after all, a series of numeric variables and copied text rather than a physically manipulated object. Some websites, like Lotus Tarot, attempt to overcome this limitation by having users select an individual card from a virtual spread, so that the final random factor is determined by the instincts of the user.

There is an educational value to free tarot reading, however. Even if divinatory power is discounted, web sites can quickly assemble information about the cards drawn in these virtual readings. This can be a method of familiarizing oneself with the breadth of lore on tarot and to practice conducting readings of their own. Some sites offer a wide variety of spreads to choose from, letting users expand their range of reading patterns. Llewellyn is one such site, offering seven spreads total from the ubiquitous Celtic Cross to the more esoteric Planetary and Ten Card spreads.

Free tarot reading online is also an effective way to browse for new decks. Llewylln, for example, offers nine deck styles to sample; Façade offers twenty. Both sites include online stores where the deck can be purchased immediately, to say nothing of the other divination merchandise they have available. Since the website essentially advertises for itself, such sites also include far fewer advertisements than other free tarot sites.

A free tarot reading online may not be the most reliable form of divination, but it can be useful as entertainment or practice. Depending on a querent’s personal philosophy, the addition of card-drawing variables may even be enough to make a reading acceptable. Additionally, online tarot sites are always available for tarot enthusiasts to network with readers and perhaps secure a reading from an online friend.

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