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Cheap Lcd Tv's - The Best Cheap LCD TVs

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If you are just casually browsing the market for a new TV, at first glance it may seem that they are all way out of your budget except for the nameless brand 32” screens with no extra features. This is enough for most people to stick with their old TV until it totally gives out. While the high prices of large-screen TVs seem inevitable, it is a fallacy to believe that there are no cheap LCD TV’s.

Cheap LCD TV’s are out there that will fit your budget and provide you with a modern, high-definition viewing experience. Budget TVs can be found in the top brands and with many great features to enrich your viewing experience.

Here are the best cheap LCD TV’s that will provide the most bang for your buck:

Samsung LN32B360

This model from Samsung will give you maximum viewing pleasure without breaking the bank. It has a 32-inch screen, which is considered the smallest TV for a living room setting. While it is considered an entry-level model, the picture it provides is much more. The TV has a glossy black design with a sleek, oval base for placing on a standard TV stand. The onscreen menus for this TV are easy to read and maneuver through, so you don’t have to be a tech wizard to control it. The picture is extremely customizable for those who are picky about how their programs are presented. What is even better is that each input can be adjusted with a different saved setting.

The LN32B360 has a resolution of 720p as opposed to the higher standard of 1080p, but at this screen size the difference is difficult to discern with the human eye. The inputs are all on the back of the TV as opposed to the front or side inputs of some models. Inputs include two HDMI, one component video, one AV input, one RF input, and both analog and optical audio outputs. List price of this cheap LCD TV is $459.89.

Toshiba 32AV502

Toshiba has long been considered the top manufacturer of cheap LCD televisions, as well as a producer of high-end, expensive televisions. The 32AV502 falls into the former category, but provides a picture equal to those of pricier models. This model has a glossy black frame that is presentable and goes well with many types of décor, but it won’t win any awards. In addition, the menus are a bit difficult to navigate as many options are embedded in a series of submenus, but the remote has a lot of extra buttons for quick access to many of the features.

This Toshiba has a 720p resolution, which is perfect for a cheap LCD TV of this size, and the picture is highly adjustable to meet the preferences of any user. Inputs include two HDMI, two component video, S-video, coaxial, and a VGA PC input. There is also an optical digital audio output and an extra AV composite input on the side. List price is $319.99.

Sony KDL-32EX400

The Sony EX series is the entry-level series of their award-winning Bravia TVs. Bravias are not usually listed as cheap LCD TV’s, but this model certainly qualifies. The KDL-32-EX400 benefits from the sleek styling of Sony Bravia that will be noticed by everyone who enters the room. Adjustments can be made manually or by using the Sony presets with their easy-to-use onscreen menu system.

Features of this 32” Bravia include full 1080p resolution, 60 Hz refresh rate, and a 178-degree viewing angle. There is also an array of input ports that include 2 side HDMI, 2 rear HDMI, HDMI PC, 2 component video, coaxial, PC, and digital audio. This TV lists for $549.99.

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