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Free Web Hosting Space - A Survey of Free Web Hosting Space

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Whether starting a blog or creating an online resume, casual webmasters-to-be usually want to start with free web hosting space rather than paying for a range of undesired features.

Many familiar web sites provide free web hosting space for a specific kind of website. Photoblog sites like Flickr and Photobucket offer image hosting which can be linked to other websites or shared among friends who use the same service.

Sites like MySpace and Angelfire, and Tripod host personal sites, while networking sites like Facebook and Linked In provide less room for design but more features for interacting with other users. As the prominence of these names should suggest, sites like these represent a large portion of free web hosting space, due in part to the ease-of-use that allows new users to quickly develop a site which their friends will want to visit.

Blog sites like Blogger, Wordpress, and Xanga allow for anyone to set up a regular, archived blog complete with visual themes and extra gadgets. These sites have been around for a long time, and competition has encouraged each to develop all sorts of plug-ins and customer service options.

Those looking to develop a webpage from the ground up can do so on numerous sites. HelioHost, Atspace, and Triple Zero offer basic web hosting in a variety of programming languages. These sites ask more of the initial user, providing bulk storage but few templates from which to begin developing a site. Fortunately, certain sites (HelioHost, for example) include active forums where webmasters can compare design notes and evaluate new designs.

Most but not all free web hosting sites sustain themselves through ad-revenue. A few sites, including HelioHost and 365 Hosting, do not force ads on the user while still allowing for the webmaster to post ads. This is a valuable feature, especially for those webmasters looking to turn a profit from mercenary advertising services like Google Adsense and others. It can also provide a way for small business to look more professional by hosting a site that does not promote similar products.

The majority of sites have a limit on uploads, but a few—Free Hosting Cloud, T35, and others—grant users unlimited web space within a few restrictions. Free Hosting Cloud, for example, has a limit on the number of unique visitors per month—if the site receives too much traffic, then the site denies access until an account is upgraded. Other sites have comparable restrictions to protect their business model.

Ultimately, free web hosting space can be had in many corners of the internet, ranging from ubiquitous sites like Flickr and Facebook to high quality pure host sites like HelioHost. Deciding which features are important—such as usability, advertisements, and web space limits—is often the first step in deciding which specific web host to use.

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over 4 years ago

Your article made me think about making a MySpace account, I think it gives much more individuality, than Facebook, for example.

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