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Free Hosting No Ads - Free Hosting, No Ads Attached

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Though many free web hosts use ad revenue to provide their services, dozens have developed methods that do not force advertisements onto their users. These sites make their money through other means, often by providing an upgraded version that allows more features than their free version. A full review of each host with free hosting, with no ads would be beyond the scope of this article, but following are some of the most memorable options online.

Helio Host is a site operated by Ashoat Tevosyan, also known as “djbob.” This site seeks to offer free web hosting that is “better than the paid sites” through a robust assortment of programming languages. Active forums populated by users, developers, and admins provide not only an entertaining community but also a broad range of expertise.

Four Zero offers web hosting “for zero” money and “for zero” forced ads. Like Helio Host, Four Zero sports active forums. It also features a simple developers blog to advertise its new features. The site experiences 99% uptime, a claim which few of its competitors can make.

X10 offer unlimited, ad-free space in Perl, Python, PostgreSQL, and APS.net. It is so confident in the quality of its product that it includes feature comparisons to its main competitors: 110mb, Triple Zero, FreeHostia, and Byet Host. A regularly updated company blog keeps constituents up-to-date on the site’s maintenance, development, and other projects.

365 Hosting came out in 2009 to cater to students, bloggers, eMerchants, gaming clans, adult content, and small businesses. Secure and easy-to-use, 365 does not offer the unlimited web space of some other no ads sites, but it does offer a robust set of features for a variety of needs. They request that webmasters of adult or business sites contact them for a full list of disclaimers and requirements. Bandwidth and web space limits keep sites modest, but 1 gb of space and enough bandwidth for 100,000 hits make the site quite sufficient for basic free hosting, no ads attached.

Lastly, Web Krib provides decent uptime at 87.65% and 500 mb of space. Signing up is quick and easy, as is their upload time. The site has more restrictions than 365, forbidding adult content and potentially libelous sites. Speed is certainly the order of the day at WebKrib—its goal is no-frills, ad free web hosting at no cost.

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