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Cheap Free Web Hosting - Don't Look Cheap with Free Web Hosting

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For casual and light business use, free web hosting can provide a way to have webspace without eating up funds. Every web host has its own catch, however, ranging from pop-up ads to limits on monthly bandwidth. In choosing to go with free web hosting, would-be webmasters should watch out for what makes them look cheap to those using their site.

Free web hosting can be recognized by the style of its URL, which inevitably reads as some combination of the site name and the intended website, resulting in URLs like somewebsite.webhost.net or webhost.net/~somewebsite. Such sites certainly do remind browsers of how cheap free web hosting can be. This accounts for the majority of sites, however, and many webmasters accept that fault so long as other, more invasive problems are not prevalent.

Another mark of cheap free web hosting is intrusive advertising. Sites like Winter Host invade websites with banners and pop-up windows, stealing attention from the website and frustrating browsers. Quality free web hosting like Helio Host, Four Zero, and X10 Hosting use no ads whatsoever. Other good sites will at least tuck away advertising in bottom-of-the-screen banners that don’t interfere with the site’s first impression.

Yet even quality sites can reek of cheap free web hosting when they turn away visitors due to a visitor or bandwidth limit. Helio Host, a remarkable ad-free service, cuts its users off at 2000 unique visitors per month, requiring that webmasters with such well-trafficked sites invest in an upgrade package before continuing to offer their site.

Classic sites like Angelfire and Tripod are notorious for their cheapness. Tripod includes both pop-ups and a frame, filling the browser with ads that follow the user even as they scroll away from them. Meanwhile, Angelfire sandwiches websites between loud banners above and below.

A sense of professionality and class encourages small business sites, online resumes, and other web locations to avoid cheap free web hosting by choosing sites that will not detract from their intended purpose. Attractive webspace can make all the difference in the impact of a potential customer or employer, making it important to make the “land page” both pleasing to look at and useful. Pop-ups are often enough to scare people away from a site entirely, making them one of the most important advertisements to avoid.

Furthermore, some thought should be given to URLs. The longer the URL, the harder it is to scribble down or remember. Look for web hosting that allows for a domain name, even if it ends in a *.info or *.biz. Again, the previously mentioned Helio Host, Four Zero, and X10 Hosting all provide domain-only webhosts as part of their free package.

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