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Web Hosting For Free - A Beginner's Guide to Web Hosting for Free

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Web hosting is the process by which potential webmasters can create websites without actually owning server space themselves. Many companies charge monthly or annual fees for webhosting, but up-and-coming webmasters can find web hosting for free if they are willing to accept a few restrictions.

The most easy-to-use web hosting for free can be found on well-known personal website hosts like Angelfire, Tripod, and Geocities. These established sites have had years to fine-tune their services, making each one easy-to-use and richly supported.

Web hosting for free is also available through specific media sites, from video services like Flickr and Photobucket to video sites like YouTube. These sites qualify as web hosts because they allow users to create homepages that host data which visitors can access, and their popularity brings with them a sense of reliability. Such sites provide ample space for uploading so long as the files being uploaded fit with the templates available to individual users. Linking to such sites can also be an effective way of bypassing restrictions on free web hosting: even if a website won’t let you host a video on their servers, a link to YouTube requires only a few lines of text in the page’s coding.

A major advantage to the sites just mentioned are their usability: even relatively inexperienced programmers can make a coherent webpage using tools built into the site itself. More experienced users can fine-tune their preferred features by using more open-ended web hosting for free. There are certainly advantages to these sites, including options for unlimited free web space and no ads web hosting.

Free Hosting Cloud is a cutting edge web site that uses cloud computing to provide an accessible database with rare downtime. The site offers unlimited, ad-free web space as part of its free package, with a generous bandwidth limit. Similarly, Helio Host offers unlimited web space limited only by the number of visitors allowed per month.

No-frills web hosting for free requires some programming competency, but free software packages like Komodo Edit, CoffeeCup Editor, and Seamonkey make it possible to develop a website without getting a degree in computer science.

Sites that provide web hosting for free are often limited in the type of scripting which they employ. Simple hosts like Byethost only allow scripting in one language (PHP in this case), while a more robust service like HelioHost will allow programming in a variety of scripts (CGI, ASP, SSI, Perl, Python, et al).

Lastly, web hosting for free always includes some form of name. Domain names like “www.mysite.info” are the most valued, followed by names that incorporate the hosting web site like “www.mysite.theirsite.com” or “www.theirsite.com/~mysite”.

Finding web hosting for free is easy, but deciding which form of web hosting to use takes some thought. Before choosing a webhost, potential webmasters should consider the type of website they wish to construct and the energy they are willing to put into its construction. From here, sites as simple as Flickr or as robust as Free Hosting Cloud can be selected from.

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