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Tv Satellite Receivers - Direct TV Satellite Receivers - Models of Direct TV Satellite Receivers

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The war to provide consumers with the best TV programming has been heating up for several years now. Technology has continued to advance after the popularity of HDTV has soared. Cable companies are wrestling with phone companies to provide TV programming, and the satellite companies are fighting them both. In order to win over customers, the satellite TV providers have begun to offer free or low-cost TV satellite receivers with the capability of decoding HDTV signals, with built-in digital video recorders, or both.

DirecTV has one-upped its competition, Dish Network, by coming out with new TV satellite receivers with features that take advantage of the internet and mobile devices to make viewing and recorder TV easier and more convenient than ever before. DirecTV DVR receivers are also capable of providing 1080p resolution playback, while Dish Network only has 1080p resolution on certain pay-per-view programs.

Models of Direct TV Satellite Receivers

DirecTV satellite receivers come in four different models: standard, HD, DVR, and HD DVR. The exact model you choose will depend on your type of TV and how much you are willing to pay for the upgraded receiver and the upgraded service.

Standard Receiver

DirecTV’s Standard TV satellite receiver is made for the old standard definition televisions, but it has a bundle of features that make it the top in its class. Even though it doesn’t provide high-def resolutions, it still provides quality digital video and audio for the clearest colors and most detail possible with SD. The customizable electronic program guide (EPG) has listings over three days in advance compared to the two days of Dish Network TV satellite receivers. The EPG is also customizable to display only the channels you pay for. It also has a favorite channels list that you can customize to skip over the channels you never watch. Text-based searching makes finding your favorite shows easier than ever.

The remote control provided with the standard receiver can also be programmed to control two other devices, such as DVD players or home audio receivers. It also has a hot button for sports scores. The timer feature can also be used to automatically tune in your favorite show at the proper time. Video outputs include S-video, RCA composite, and coaxial.

HD Receiver

The DirecTV HD TV Satellite receiver is the most advanced on the market today. It provides high-definition video, digital audio, and is capable of transmitting HD 3D signals to 3D-capable TVs. Over 160 channels are currently offered in HD, and the digital sound is ready for your Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound system.

The HD receiver has an EPG that extends a full week into the future, and it is fully customizable and searchable. You also control the format for which you watch your shows: full-screen, letterbox, stretch, cropped, or pillar box. Other features of the HD receiver include parental locks, onscreen caller ID, and the sports scores hot button. Video outputs available are HDMI, component, S-video, and RCA composite. Audio outputs include digital optical, digital coaxial, and RCA stereo.

DVR Receiver

The DVR receiver provides digital standard-definition video and digital audio. It has all of the features of the standard receiver, but with some very important upgrades. The DVR allows you to pause and rewind live TV, and programs can be scheduled to record from the EPG. Recording can be done manually, by onscreen scheduling, with Series Link for full series recording, or from any iPod Touch or iPhone with the DirecTV DVR application. The hard drive holds up to 100 hours of programs. Other features include the ScoreGuide, DirecTV interactive information, and a 14-day advance EPG.

HD DVR Receiver

DirecTV HD TV satellite receivers are the most advanced in the world. This is the only satellite receiver to deliver 1080p resolution DVR playback. It can also transmit HD 3D signals to 3D capable TVs. The DVR can be set to record manually, through scheduling, or remotely from any internet-connected computer or mobile phone. Audio decoding is available for Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, and you can playback recorded programming on any computer connected to your home network.

This receiver is capable of integrating your local over-the-air programming into the guide, and it can be recorded by the DVR. Other features include the ScoreGuide hot button, DirecTV Active information, 14-day program guide, onscreen caller ID, Similar Shows recommendations, and connectivity for an external hard drive when 100 hours of HD recording is not enough. Video outputs are HDMI, component, S-video, and 2 composite video. Audio outputs on this receiver are digital optical, digital coaxial, and 2 RCA stereo.

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