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D Link Wireless Adapter - D Link Wireless Adapter Guide - Wireless USB Hubs (Connecting Your Peripherals to the Hive Mind)

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With the advent of wireless technology comes hundreds of new ways to think about household computing. Companies like D-Link thrive on coming up with new ways to employ wireless in the home and office to make you more productive, less cluttered, and sometimes just plain cooler. Check out this guide for different ways you can use D-Link wireless products to make your computing life a whole lot easier, no matter where you are!

Wireless USB Hubs (Connecting Your Peripherals to the Hive Mind)

If you are looking for a way to easily connect all your peripherals to multiple computers, then you have to try the Wireless USB 4-port Hub. This is a must-have for homes and small businesses with multiple computers, allowing everyone to connect securely to shared devices like printers, external hard drives, and remote-controlled foam missile turrets (A necessity for team office warfare). And thanks to screaming fast connection speeds, you can even stream audio and video directly from devices connected to the adapter. It also offers large scalability, enabling you to connect to multiple hubs (if four ports just is not good enough for you). This is an excellent way to access all of your critical devices without a clutter of cords around your computer. You will be glad you made the investment!

Range Boosters (Built to Roam)

For those who just have to roam, try the DWA-140 RangeBooster N, a USB adapter that greatly increases your desktop or notebook’s ability to receive WiFi signals from anywhere in the office (up to 4 times your normal range!). Tiptoeing awkwardly through the office while trying to find the perfect conference room for WiFi reception will be a thing of the past. You will boldly take your notebook wherever you please, confident that your souped-up WiFi abilities can connect you from farther than ever before. And as an extra-special bonus, this range booster also serves as a speed booster, giving you access to screaming hot speeds that can clock in at speeds up to 12 times that of regular 802.11g connections. This rate can support VoIP calls, enhanced audio streaming and file transfers, and of course, flawless video game connections.

Wireless Adapters (No Card Necessary)

Another amazing innovation is D-Link’s USB wireless adapter technology, which allows notebooks and desktops that do not support wireless technology to instantly connect to your wireless network. (Well, the adapters do require a quick initial set-up – but after that it is all instant!) This means you will not have to bother with purchasing a wireless card, opening your computer case, and installing the new hardware (And forget about installing one in a laptop that does not come with built-in WiFi.) Going wireless is now as simple as plug-and-play! Try the DWA 130 model for all your typical household wireless needs. It delivers fast connections at a very reasonable price.

Or if you are a speed junkie with a need for serious performance, try the DWA 160 Xtreme N Dual Band adapter, which supports screaming fast dual band router connections. This adapter supports selectable 2.4GHz or 5GHz wireless signals, which lets you fine-tune your surfing and online movie watching for maximum performance. With the Xtreme N, you can enjoy HD streaming video and enhanced- VoIP calls that will amaze you with their quality.

Bluetooth Adapters (Connecting the Whole Happy Electronics Family)

If you need to be connected to all your local Bluetooth electronics for quick downloads/uploads and schedule syncing, then you need to check out the Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter. You will always be in control of your cell phone, PDA, and other mobile devices, not to mention all of your Bluetooth-enabled peripherals like mice, keyboards, and the like. This is a great way to bring them all together in one “control center” location where you can update and download to your heart’s content.

That’s it for this guide to D-Link Wireless Adapters. You may have never realized the sheer variety of options that are made available to you with wireless technology, but nowadays there is almost nothing that you cannot accomplish with it! We hope this guide has given you ideas on how to work sleeker and more productively with the simple addition of a wireless adapter to your network or machine. Bring your legacy devices into the wireless revolution – it will change the way you think of work!

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