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Free Web Ads - How to Use Free Web Ads

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Google Places provides a quick way for a business to show up on basic Google searches. Users begin by entering their business’s phone number to double check whether or not it already has an entry. Business owners can then add their business’s contact info, address, category (keywords), payment types, and a short description. Additionally, business promoters can add photos and video to further enhance their online presence.

Free Banners functions as an advertisement exchange program for webmasters. Signing up for the site installs a perpetually changing banner on a website. For every 2 views this automated banner receives, the hosting site will be displayed on another webpage. These viewing “credits” are applied automatically—once the banner is installed, Free Banners handles the rest.

Link Referral provides two options for free web ads. Their referral-based traffic functions similarly to Free Banners: a webmaster installs a link that generates traffic for affiliated sites which in turn advertise for the hosting site. Rather than using the 2:1 ratio of Free Banners, Link Referral positions advertisers on one of five tiers of advertisement.

Placing a banner within a website requires some coding, but both Free Banners and Link Referral provide thorough instructions on how to incorporate a banner into a website. Nonetheless, this does add to the time needed to conduct free advertising. The remaining sites in this article can be used very rapidly, and dedicated webmasters can soon have their site listed on all of them within an hour.

The Link Referral “member directory,” though free, does require a bit of time. To participate in this service, users must create an account that records their visit to a variety of websites on the member directory, then write 5 reviews and a forum post. Participation places the website on the member directory as well. The advantages to this service are twofold: first, other people joining the member directory have a chance of finding the hosted website; second, the directory itself is an SEO-optimized website that works hard to generate hits from google.

In addition to these advertising services, webmasters can also create free web ads using online classified sites. Craigslist is the most well-known of these, but its relative anonymity does not cater as specifically to website and small business promotion as do some other online classified services. Hot Web Ads, for example, is a simple classified system that lets users post not only descriptions but also images, links, keywords, target cities, phone numbers, and email. Similar sites include Free Web Directory and iNet Giant. Free classified services such as these are a quick and easy way to develop web presence—a webmaster can add their listing to such sites in minutes.

Free web ads may not equal paid advertising, but they are a tried and true way to increase web traffic online. Many sites also serve to promote paid services, and interested webmasters can learn more about the system of online advertising by beginning with these free services.

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