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Free High School Diploma - Resources for Free High School Diplomas - GED, NEDP – The National External Diploma Program

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A high school diploma is a basic requirement for the majority of jobs in the United States. It represents base-level knowledge and thinking skills according to the standards established by the United States Department of Education. Fortunately, adults can attain a free high school diploma through various government programs. Though many online high schools claim that they offer diplomas for free, these are either fraudulent or misleading.

The first place people will usually find when looking for free high school diplomas are online high schools like Madison Falls and Mayflower. Online high schools such as these are non-accredited institutions that charge over $200 for a diploma after students complete a free online course. Accredited high schools like Penn Foster charge actual tuition, however. In all these cases, the diploma is in no way free. Many of these sites are considered “diploma mills”—online scams that provide expensive pieces of paper meant to trick employers rather than serve as a valid credential.


The GED test usually costs around $50, but the Job Corps can defer this cost for qualified young adults ages 16-24. The Job Corps is a non-profit entity which has been offering help for young adults to prepare for the work force since 1964. They can be contacted either on their website or toll free at 1-800-733-JOBS.

Some community colleges and local charities also offer GED scholarships. These vary from location and location and can be found through online research or by contacting a financial aid counselor at a local institution.

Fortunately, there are plenty of free GED preparatory courses online. GED for Free, Free Ed, and other websites offer courses to help prepare for the GED. Combined with Job Corps or a scholarship, this provides a means for getting a free diploma equivalent.

NEDP – The National External Diploma Program

The NEDP is a competency-based diploma system managed by CASAS, a non-profit organization dedicated to basic skills and workforce development. It is available in the District of Columbia, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Contact information for all NEDP locations can be found on the NEDP homepage.

The program is unique in that it provides high school credit not only through its online evaluations, but also through practical life skills. For a writing assignment, a student may be asked to write a letter to a landlord; for a math assignment, a student may be asked to figure interest on a credit card.

NEDP courses are free, confidential, and mostly online. Many locations now require that potential students attend a live tutorial at an NEDP center before enrolling in the course—if this is a requirement, it will be stated on that state or district’s NEDP page. Some instruction is provided through one-on-one appointments with advisors and assessors, particularly when lobbying for course credit through other life experiences.

For more information about the NEDP, visit the NEDP student page.

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Free High School Diploma - Resources for Free High School Diplomas - GED, NEDP – The National External Diploma Program

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